You need a cool cover? I'm here for you!

Hello beautiful people, :rose:

Have you been looking for a real cool cover for your story and you have nothing to read at the moment? Then congrats, I’m offering Cover Requests for reads. :slight_smile:

I’m working with Photoshop (and I’m also doing this in college, so consider me a professional :sunglasses: ) and I really want to support my story, so I’m only offering a cover for those people, that actually read my story. I hope you understand, that those covers also usually take me some time and I’m trying to do my best. :star2:

If you want a cover, you have to send me high quality screenshots of the characters you want in it (no character details please). And if you want the characters to look sad or happy or angry, make them look like it in the screenshot!

You don’t have to fill out every part of the form, only the title, description and the vibe are a must! Otherwise if you leave the rest blank, I will do my magic and create something from my mastermind. :blush:

FORM :sunflower:
Vibe: (Sad/ Happy/ Scary… etc.) :sun_with_face:
Colors: :unicorn:
Font: (If you have any preferences) :penguin:
Title of your story::fox_face:
Descrption of your story: :snowman_with_snow:
Any objects you need in the cover: :fries:
Small or large cover? :bow_and_arrow:

The link to my story:

People who send me character details will be ignored, sorry. This also takes a lot of effort for me, because I’m trying to make every cover awesome and so please read the instructions carefully.

xoxo :star2: :two_hearts:

P.S: You can check out my work here!


Vibe: (sad/mystery)
Colours:Dark Colours
Title of my story:A Forgotten Love
Descriptions of my story: This girl was in hospital
for over 3 years and she finally wakes up but what happens when she doesn’t remeber her family and her soulmate follow her into her memories that she has along the way

Any objects i need: A Hospital bed with a bottle on her arms

Small or large cover:Both

Do you need pictures of the characters? If so, I have them saved on my computer that I can send to you.

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Vibe: Flirtatious, urban island
Colors: :red, green, gold
Title of your story: Pearls
Descrption of your story: : Life is full Of “Pearls”, A girl who has Albinism goes on a wild adventure. Romance insue’s
Any objects you need in the cover: : Money in Aprils hands
Small or large cover? : large

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Vibe: sad/drama/hurt comfort/ it gets better
Colors: some sad colors, but also some happy colors
Title of my story: A little girl rescued by an angel
Description: a 4 year old girl named Becky is abused by her Uncle. He rapes her, beats her, starves her, and plenty other horrible stuff. One day a singer named Anita Gandre (spin off of Ariana Grande) comes to her rescue and adopts her. However, it takes time to get over trauma of abuse

Any objects i need: Teddy bear (preferably a worn out one)

Small or large cover booth: Either/both is fine

Vibe: Confident/Happy
Colors: Emerald, Blue (not a huge aspect, but emerald is important)
Font: Something clean like Baskerville
Title of your story: KiKi (but if you wrote it in all caps that would be great! :slight_smile:)
Description of your story: Follow KiKi, a first-generation Korean-American who has to carry her broken family’s legacy on her back. She lost her family… And now she needs to find herself.
Any objects you need in the cover: Nope :slight_smile:
Small or large cover? Both, please (preferably of the same format and appearance)

How should I send the screenshots to you?


Um, I would like a splash (I’m the friend @queenkhadijah999 was asking for a cover.)
It would like it in the same background (crumpled paper) and cursive you gave me before.
It should say: “This story contains sound, so turn up your volume”.
The second one should say “The story contains mild language”.

Thanks so much in advance!
P.S. I loved your work

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Vibe: (inlove, happy)
Colors: I’ll leave it to you, and I trust, as you think
Title of my story: And that’s when I met you …
Description of my story: the girl had an ex, with which they were only together, had meetings and were together just to spend time and have someone, had something … so as the relationship had no future, the collision ended with it. He was a boy who smoked and included drugs, and he never accepted and took ill because she finished with him, so he insists a lot but will not take any, she does not want anything else with him, then someday she’ll catch up the bus and this is an old friend of hers, and sees that she is with a friend and then my character looks at him and gets interested, then she sends a friend message to give him his instagram and then from there start to talk, until they meet and get more and more interassed, so he starts going to pick her up at school when I leave, but there is a time when he picks her up and she is not … but he sees two girls in the background and one boy to take her to a place, and then he was the ex with two friends to beat him, because he wants revenge, then the current goes behind her and realizes everything and defend and beat them … then more Later they start having meetings and she will think that it is only meetings and they spend a lot of time together years and moments together.

any objects i need: nothing.
Small or large: Both please…

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Hey are you still doing covers?

Nope. Sorry.

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: