You need a cover or a splash? Get it here!

hey guys!

I make covers and splahes.

If you need one then please tell me what should be on that


  • Author name.
  • Story name
  • Character details of who should be on there
  • Outfit if you want
  • Any props?
  • Tattoos or something if you want
  • Background (Optional)


  • What splash. (Instagram, Warning)
  • Who should be on there(Character)
  • Any extras?
  • What background (Optional)

I must be mentioned in your story or on your instagram as @Jossu.episode

Hey,can you do a cover for me please it would be really nice♡

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Yeah I would love to, but I can’t do it right now i think if i would do it it would be done by tomorrow

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Of course i only need it in a week or so can i send you the details via insta?

Okay here’s the cover

Omg it looks so f amazing omg thank you so much!!!

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no problem

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