You need a cover? Splashes?


Here’s your cover! I hope you’ll like it!


I do like it. It’s very beautiful. Thank you sooo much. :sparkling_heart:
I wanted to upload it, but when I crop it, you can’t see your credit on it. Is it okay, if I’ll give you credit in my story then?


I’m really happy you like it! :kissing_heart::heart:
Yes it’s totally fine by me! :v:t4: Thanks​:kissing_heart:



Hi everyone!
I’m taking some holidays, so I won’t be there for 8 days!
Where I go there’s no connection at all, so If I don’t reply, that’s totally normal!
I’ll tell you all when I’m coming back so you can send me your cover request again, as usual!

For the one who are reading my stories! Don’t worried, I’m still writing, so when I’ll come back, you’ll have bigger chapters to read as an apologize!

Thanks, you’re all amazing!
See you soon beautiful! xoxo :kissing_heart: :heart:


It’s amazing!


Hi Emeline! I would love if you could make a cover for me - your work is beautiful!

Story Title: Playing by Her Rules

Background blurred if you can, and just one of the zones in this picture - I would like it vertical and the size of a small cover

Character Details:

Details: Skin - Beige Rose; Brows - Straight Medium (Medium Warm Brown); Hair - Medium Curly Solid (Honey Blonde); Eyes - Round Downturned Wide (Deep Blue); Face - Heart Soft; Nose - Defined Natural; Lips - Full Heart Pouty (Beige Rose)

Details: Skin - Brown Deep Gold; Brows - Arched Natural (Black Dark); Hair - Long Feathered (Black Dark); Eyes - Deepset Downturned (Hazel); Face - Heart Soft; Nose - Round Flared Upturned; Lips - Full Round Pouty (Brown Deep Gold)

Mood: anger - both of them are annoyed at each other
Both of them are in angry poses

Thank you so much!



Story Name: Relying on Fate by Witty Coe ( name on the cover)
I would like the atmosphere to be romantic and little sketchy…
Characters: All the characters are wearing the clothes I want them to wear , along with they’re animations. I would the three characters who are sitting to be on the sofa if you can and they rest to be placed along the sofa. After seeing your work, I know you ll make it look good, Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you again. My apologies for the late response, its been a busy week.


Hey! :slight_smile:
@wittycoe No problem for me!


Hey there! thanks for the details! I’ll start your story tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Here’s your cover, I hope you’ll like it! :kissing_heart:
Tell me what you think!:slight_smile:


Here’s your cover! Tell me what you think! I hope you’ll like it! :kissing_heart:


I looooooooooove it. Thank you so much.


I’m so happy you like it!!
Youre welcome! :kissing_heart:


Hi can I request an “End of the Episode” splash?


Sorry, never mind but if I ever need a splash I hope you do not mind me asking.


Don’t worry, if you need my help again, I’ll be happy to help you out! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, haha - I was going to ask for an End of Episode splash yesterday but I made an intro splash and wanted the same aesthetic for the end splash however, I love your work - absolutely stunning!


No problem, I totally understand!
And thank you so much, it means a lot to me! :kissing_heart: :heart:


Sorry this is so late but OH MY GOD this is so cool!!! I love it, thank you so much!


No problem! I’m so glad you like it! :kissing_heart: :heart: