You search a story but you have specifications? I can help you :)

I can help you to find a story on the episode forum too if you comment this topic :arrow_down_small:or sent me a message :envelope_with_arrow: I am aware that not everyone is using instagram and I I fully respect that :slight_smile:


This is actually really helpful! Thank you for doing this, i’ll message for a story soon!


Cool :grinning:
At first I create an IG account to recommend episode stories and I was like why I dont help people to find stories too with their specification? I thought it could be a good idea :slight_smile:

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It would be perfect, and it is original idea, I saw so much posts about seeking of some stories, but anyone didn’t proposed to find it for someone.
I am thinking about story, and need some material for this, can you help me pls?:blush:
My Instagram @lanalicera.episode


Yes :slight_smile: