Young Avengers/Young Justice/Teen Titans



This is just a thread I thought to make for people who have interest in the Young Avengers team (Marvel) or Young Justice/Teen Titans (DC Comics. And yes, I know those are 2 different things.)

So, feel free to talk about anything having to deal with them. It can be spread into other parts of the Marvel/DC Universes, but I just needed a title to give a general description of what concept I’m going for with this conversation.

(You don’t have to follow me, but…) Just to start, I like Prodigy, Marvel Boy, and Miss America from the Young Avengers. I’d like to see a younger White Tiger, Maybe Outside of the Ayala family join the Young Avengers.

On another note, wouldn’t it be cool if they had something else like Wakanda in Marvel? (I’m not the most knowledgeable fan out there, so correct me if there are others. But I know of Matthew Bland and Buredunia and Red Lion from DC.)

Any thoughts on that or another subject?


this is abt the incredible hulk…

lowkey kinda really boring


Teen titans :scream: they also have thread now​:joy:


Yeah, I guess they do too :slight_smile:.

Who’s your favorite Titan?


That…very good and hardest questions :no_mouth:


We’ll start here then, are you a DC or Marvel Person?




Cool. Who’s your favorite Marvel Character?




Are you a 616 Peter Parker person, or do you like Miles Morales? Or someone else?

(By the way, 616 is the Main Earth in the Marvel Universe.)


616 :sunglasses: I means miles is also nice​:upside_down_face: but… Peter Parker :sunglasses:


Any Wonder Man Fans? (He’s from Marvel.)

Also, and Booster Gold Fans?


I’m just gonna drop by to say I’m Trash :tm: for Billy Kaplan, Hulking, and their relationship

And I really like Kid Loki as well
And Hawkeye
And Miss America

Actually, I love them all XD

But I also love all of the Teen Titans, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Artemis, Tim Drake, Blue Beetle, Impulse…

Again, I love everyone XD


Could you ever choose between them?

(Okay, I’m making this a Question for Everyone.)

If these two teams had to fight, Who do you think would win?

  • Teen Titans
  • Young Avengers

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If anyone wants to give reasonings, I am open to listening. Because besides favoritism towards the Young Avengers, I’m divided at the moment between the two teams.


If I had to choose I’d probably go for Billy, ngl
But Nightwing comes in a close second XD

And let me think about this because oof, that’s a lot of reasoning to do


After lot of thinking…I went for young avengers :joy: rip my love for teen titans :no_mouth:


I’ll do another poll for this between Young Justice and Young Avengers.

I miss Young Justice as a show.

Would anyone want Young Avengers as a Netflix Show? Or White Tiger as a Netflix Original Series?


There used to be a show too in the past if I am not wrong (I used to watch it cuz it had an interesting story line and good graphics).

The producers really did a good job with Wonder Girl, Artemis and Miss Martian.

And in Season 2, it was a really good thing that Robin (Timothy), Batgirl and Beast Boy got included. And I was also glad for Impulse (Bart Allen) to come from the future.

I really wish they would make a Season 3. I was kinda sad for Wally’s death :frowning:


I still don’t believe he’s dead. I think he’s somewhere in the Time force.

Artemis really didn’t take it well though.


I was sad for her. They were so in love and happy :disappointed_relieved: