Young romance story idea

Me and @EpisodeGirl are becoming writing partners and i was thinking about a story about a 12 year old girl named Alaina who recently started crushing on a boy but they hated eachother since second grade for no apparent reason. Alaina just started homeschooling so she can’t even look at him because he has no social media no phone plus someone found out by overhearing her talking to her best friend Kyle about it and tells her crush. And she lives with her mom and stepdad who are incredibly broke and her stepdad always gets arrested for dumb things like being out of A certain state because he did dumb things when he was a kid so he went to prison for a year (a couple years ago). And she befriends her crushes girlfriend (who is one year older) on instagram as an attempt to get closer to him but starts genuinely becoming true friends with his girlfriend so Alaina tries to forget about Him but when Alaina and her new best friend get into a fight she starts crying and Her crush sees her and they end up kissing but his girlfriend sees and she is heartbroken then she goes through a bunch of personal drama and drama with her crush and his ex-girlfriend and then when her life starts to mellow down a little bit her older sister gets pregnant and her best friend kyle goes to foster care for child abuse etc.

How does that story sound??


Sounds like a very unique story idea! I’d like to read it if you decide to go through with it

It sounds interesting. Only problem is that you can’t write a story where the MC is below a certain age (16 I think).

Can’t you?

I may be wrong since I can’t find it in the guides, but I could have swore I saw something from Episode about a minimum main character age.

They have character’s younger than the age of 16 in stories, or do you mean as main characters?

I mean the main character. The one who the reader is playing as and is the primary focus of the story.

Oh, ok. It is a possibility that that is true because Episode is a 12+

So should I make her older

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