Your bucket list?

Whats your bucket list?

I dont really have a proper bucket list but here are some things i would really want to do:

    1. ride on a skateboard on a clean , non busy rode, having so much time too myself
    1. take ice pictures on a Polaroid camera and make a scrapbook.
    1. climb a tree with friends.
    1. shopping spree
    1. do a marathon for charity
    1. movie marathon with friends
    1. road trip with friends

I don’t have a bucket list either but here is some things I really want to do

  • Visit Japan
  • Visit USA
  • Donate blood
  • Meet with my close friends from other countries
  • Find true love
  • Get a dog of my own
  • Donate money to poor countries
  • Get married and get a child or adopt a kid
  • Go to an anime con
  • Get a bunch on anime, merch and manga
  • Recover 100%
  • Prevent my close friends from suicide (done a few times already, will continue to do until they recover)

I don’t have one either, but these are what I want to do:

  • Go on a plane

  • Visit Japan

  • Visit New Zealand

  • Visit Italy

  • Visit my Ancestral homes Scotland/England/Ireland/Prussia (Germany/Poland)/USA

  • Go travelling all around Australia I want to see Uluru especially

  • I want to donate more to my favourite charities

  • Finish writing the episode story I’m working on right now

  • Publish my other 2 episode stories

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  • See System of a Down at a live concert
  • See Primus live
  • Travel to Hawaii
  • See the aurora/northern lights
  • Finish the episode stories I am writing :smile:
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I actually have a proper one, but it’s lost among my notebooks in my moving boxes until I get my bookcases. So a few:

  • See Fleetwood Mac in concert. (about to do this in ten days WOOOO!)
  • Go to Paris (check!)
  • Travel to Scotland, Greece, Italy, Japan, England, and India, at least
  • Publish a novel through traditional publishing
  • Slap someone (check!)
  • Be a regular volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Begin a charity, paying people who work as a caretaker for a family member, in the way I couldn’t
  • Own a standard poodle, and a ragdoll cat
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Adopt an older child or teenager
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  1. Slapping someone for no reason (This one’s done already)
  2. Visit New York.
  3. Fall in love at least once.
  4. Publish one novel at least.
  5. Start a YouTube channel.
  6. Get a tattoo.
  7. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.
  8. Meet Ian Somerhalder.
  9. Doing a deep deep research about vampires.
  10. Shop like crazy for at least 18 hours non stop.
  11. Break into a restaurant/coffee shop/ principal’s office!
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  1. Recover.
  2. Live, not just breathe.
  3. Eat a pop tart.


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•start a youtube channel
•Publish an episode story by 2020 :skull:
•To get the grades I’m aiming for my GCSEs (very important for the future)
•To be more social I guess?

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The last one applies to me as well:joy:

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  • survive my own craziness
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  • Go to conventions (Comic-Con, Beauty Con, Drag Con)
  • Be behind the panel at Comic Con :wink:
  • Travel somewhere tropical (Bahamas or Bora Bora)
  • Attend an awards show (especially the Oscar’s)
  • I don’t know if this counts, but being very successful in the career I finally choose. Hopefully with owning a company of some sort.
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Dont have a bucket list either, but I would love to do these things

  • See my favourite bands (mostly NoFX, The Exploited and Rancid) live
  • Go to a few more music festivals
  • Travel more
  • Get my dream job
  • Attend more protests
  • Be in a big-ass moshpit :grin: (been only in small ones)
  • Raise my son to be an open-minded independent honest person
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