Your Episode wishlist

What’s your Episode wishlist.

Here’s mine:

  • Plus size male characters
  • Babies
  • More nonhuman animal characters
  • More fighting animations
  • Extra features such as freckles, scars, body hair, tattoos, piercings, etc. to be customizable
  • Animations where characters eat with a utensil such as a fork or spoon.
  • More choices of facial hair as well as the option to choose the color of the facial hair.
  • More hairstyles
  • More eye colors
  • More hair colors

I might add more later but anyway, what’s your Episode wishlist.

  • Clothing that layers instead of clipping through
  • Overlays with their backgrounds so we can actually USE their backgrounds without doing THEIR job
  • Hairstyles from different time periods and cultures.
  • Animations in general. I’ve been around long enough to see that there’s a huge lack of animations-- particularly sitting/laying and talking with literally any emotion other than neutral or annoyed looking.
  • For SCARS, TATTOOS, FRECKLES to be moved to the FEATURES instead of the clothing section. Seriously, why was this even a thing? I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t have to remember to put my tattoos on in the morning so why tf do I have to keep adding them to my character?
  • Wider range of eye colors. Yes, we have the basic colors but the lightest blue is way too light, the dark looks more blue-black than blue eyed. I’d like to see lighter/darker shades of the hazel, green, blue eyes as well as some uncanny colors (full blackout for aliens, bright reds for vampires, golden yellow shades, etc)
  • More profession-associated outfits.
  • Time period clothing AND accessories , pre-19th century styles for different cultures. It would be nice to write a story about a geisha and have kimonos or a caveman with loincloths and clubs, a knight in (literal) shining armor.

This list could be endless for things I wish for that Episode will ignore.


Since you mentioned more eye colors, I would like to see turquoise eyes and hazel eyes of the blue-green variation.


I think more towards the mixing of colors for eyes: a blue-grey, a more yellow than green/brown hazel eyes, some bright reds, light green, and dark browns that have a little more “life” in them if that makes sense? lol
While I have no idea how long they actually work on feature colors but I feel like eyes are the simplest ask-- they aren’t large colored areas like bodies or clothing so :woman_shrugging: what do I know lol

mermaids ( i doubt this will ever happen, but i can dream :cry:)