Your fav stories of the week!

I wanted to start this thread to share our favorites stories that we’ve been reading this week. You can list all the stories that you want, but please keep in mind that you can’t promote your own story on this thread since they are many places to do it!

I will update this thread every week but feel free to reply any day of the week and come back again the next week to tell us your current favorite stories. I hope you participate!

:sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:My top favorite stories of this week are (in no particular order):

-Craving For The Risk by MyEpisodees
-Window Seat by Leah Brooke
-Stay Away by Solarnetic
-Rockstar In My Bed by Heli
-Be My target by Marion
-Touch My Soul by Alphan
-Your Silhouette by Anya
-Addicted by Maite
-Summer Fever by Lucas
-Diry Boy by B.B
-Criminal Lover by WrittenbyRo
-In Her Shoes by DKR_Episodes

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My top favorite story of this week is The Change by MidnightMaiden :sparkles:

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