Your favorite episode story…

Hello, everyone!

I’m writing to ask for your opinion on your favorite Episode story.

I’ve been using the Episode app since the very beginning and have read quite a few stories, but not just any one can captivate me.

I was captivated by “The College of Eternity,” “We are Boundless,” “Fangs,” “Stay the Night” (older version) the most.

If you know any stories similar to these, please share🩵.

I love drama, fantasy, and horror.

P.S. This is my first post. :blush:

Thank you,


Hey! Welcome to the community!

I don’t have any recommendations to give because I haven’t read on the app in awhile, just wanted to say welcome!


Aw, thanks😊

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This one is so good!

I’ve repeated this a lot but I have to say The Marriage Counsellor by Joriemar had an impact on me. It was so well written and felt so real.
The Unwanted by Evilyn has some amazing directing and overlays where she actually redraws characters and makes them overlays and puts them in a customised animation.

There was a really popular story with 8 million reads called Adrenaline by Evil Ebboni. It was my favourite but it got deleted :tired_face: There are some episodes on Youtube though.
Since you’ve been on the Episode app since the beginning I was wondering whether you’d read/heard of it.


Maybe not totally similar to the stories you’ve mentioned, but I highly recommend:

Home Wrecker by Joriemar (thriller)
I Need a Therapist by Clem (drama/romance)
Asunder by Alys Noir (drama)
The Stars Have Colors by Shahar (mystery, romance, fantasy)
The Infected by Caitoriri (horror)
Second Chances by Trishy (romance/drama)
The Game by Amber J (thriller)
SHREW by Amber J (horror)
Thick as Thieves by Spiegel (fantasy/action/drama)
The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W (fantasy/action/drama/romance)
Austentatious by Butters/thebutterfly (historical romance/drama)
Legally Clueless by Charlie
Swan Lake by J Miley
Homecoming by MJ

:smile: I’m not sure if you’re into comedy at all, but I found these stories pretty funny so you could always give them a try if you wanna have a laugh:
The Homecoming Game by Jojo Y
Flunkers’ Club by Zara Jay
The Pregnancy Curse by Dr Smile
Bad Cops by Merlin
Ticket to Heaven by Love S
I beeping hate you! by Daxa
Roomdates by Abi K


OOO I loved Secret of the Witch, and, Solar Flare by erato! Plus, the Dragon Bride by earlgreytea is also incredible.

I’m also going to include my own fantasy story in this list! It’s called Jadefall and has CC, Minigames, Points System and 2 LI. Chapter 6 is set to release this coming week as well!

I hope that helps!

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I have so many, but I could name some.

  • Rock My World by Andrada
  • Desired by Amanda Michelle
  • Switch by Alusza
  • Summer Fever by Lucas
  • The Twenty Most Desirable by Sannah
  • Queen Bee Takeover by Megan Terry
  • Honeymoon Ever After by ER Gurney
  • Almost Cinderella by Nala
  • The Lovely One and its sequel by Naemi Tiana
  • Diary of a Pregnant Teen by Kris

Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll check them out and take your word for it since you liked ‘We are Boundless’ so much!

Adrenaline by Evil Ebboni is kind of foggy, but just thinking about its’ season one brings nostalgia within me! I remember some plot but deff not so vividly. Do you know anything about the author or whether she’ll republish it? And who did you choose at the end?:blush:

Thanks again for the recs!:heart:

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Hey thanks for the recs! I’ve read most of these but I’ll deff read the other ones you’ve listed since all of them sound pretty good!:blush:

What was your favorite out of all these you’ve listed?

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It’s hard to pick a favorite, but some that I love the most are:

  • Reign by Piccalilly
  • We Are Boundless
  • Ghostwriter and Maternal Instincts by Elise C
  • The Game and Shrew by Amber J
  • Homewrecker by Joriemar
  • The Unwanted by Evilyn
  • What I’ve Become by Mia Rose (which is a Western)
  • Wo Ai Ni by Parako
  • Shroud by Dina Dahamundhi
  • Heroic: Escape from Stetyca by Covfefe Boss
  • The Bizarre World of Bob Bobvoski by Esta Tolia
  • Game Master by Talina
  • Wicked Allurement and Veiled Divinity by Viper
  • Magicka: Dark Star by SilverLady
  • Creatures of the Night by Tarly
  • A Summer To Remember by Natalie.episodexo

If you like horror, I recommend Reflective Difference by Episode.Honeyy and, I binged that story! It was so good! Legends by lavyi.episode is fantasy and an amazing story, too. TWS: I Became The Lady Villainess by Himeji (my bestieeeeeee) is also a fantasy, and excellently directed.

I’ll also recommend my own story, Deadly Nightshade, which is a thriller, but does have mystery and drama as its subgenres.


The names sound promising! I’ll make sure to check them out and your story as well!

Good luck with your writing and thanks for the recs😊.


You have good taste then! :laughing:

I can relate to Asunder the most on a personal level, but I don’t really have a favorite amongst the ones I’ve listed – I love them all.


Woow thanks for the recs! I’ll pick through these which are to my liking the most and I will probably just read them all😅.

Good luck with your writing! I’ll make sure to check your story as well!

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Ha, likewise😅!

Then I’ll make sure to check that one first😁. I’ll let you know my thoughts!

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Thank you, that’s nice of you! All these stories are pretty great. I hope you enjoy Deadly Nightshade!

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So, in 2020 or 2021 I think, the author said they were going to cancel the story, after some time, she ended up un-cancelling it and revamped the first 2 seasons and created a limelight version. Then in 2022 she deleted all her stories and her instagram account without warning. I don’t know if she’ll be back on Episode. It really sucks 'cause it was my favourite.

I re-played it a few times. The first time I think I chose Nick, then Andre.


Omg, the same happened to one of my favourite stories! Do you know Through The World? It was so good, but the author got banned!
My favourite Episode story now is Mindreader by @Alusza


I didn’t know it. What was it about?

Ooh I might check that out.

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A group of teenagers going to Egypt, but then they accidently break an old artifact and travel back in time. To restore the artifact they have to go Through The Worlds, and they end up as mermaids, in the future, in a zombie apocalypse, in heaven and hell, as aliens and more. It was written so well and funny and the love interest were also really good ! I miss it :frowning: I believe there’s still a vid of it on YouTube


You should! It’s so good!!