Your Favorite Stories for each Genre


Please list one or two stories that are your favorites for each genre you read.
Comedy: Infamous, Swap
Fantasy, Dripping Mascara, Eclipsis, Secret of Rain
Romance: Being Perfect, The Girl Upstairs, Blind Devotion
Drama: Secrets of Success
Action: The Butterfly, Vacation Nightmare, Bloodlines
Adventure: Eclipsis, Cafe Paradox, Embers of Time


Comedy: Infamous
Fantasy: Secret of Rain
Romance: Fake love
Drama: (idek)
Action: My cold killer, gangster love
Adventure: I don’t read those


We have some of the same favorites. I didn’t include Horror or Thriller because I don’t really read those. Although I do like Too Far and it is considered Thriller.


I’ve never read any horror or thriller stories


I don’t like scary stuff either.


I like scary stuff but I don’t think I can get into them. The only story genre I ever read is action


You read some of the other stories from other genres? Oh I just never liked scary stuff.


yeah I do but I mostly read action (even my own story is action thats how much I love it)


What’s your story?


Mr Bad Boy and Mrs Bad Girl


Romance: It’s Just An Illusion
Drama: Speak
Action: Vacation Nightmare
Thriller: Melrose
Fantasy: The Ruby Tiara
Horror: Slayer
Adventure: Equality
Comedy: Infamous
Mystery: Its Just Four Letters


I like some of the same stories too. I forgot to add The Ruby Tiara on mine.


Feeling special because my name is in some of these titles haha

I don’t read too many stories from all genres, but my all time favorite horror story so far is “Hit and Run” by EliseC.!!


Thanks for the mention :smiley: I’m so glad you liked my story! :slight_smile: :two_hearts:


No problem!! :smiley: It’s amazing!!!



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