Your Favourite And Least Favourite Episode Clichés?

Like it or not, the Episode app is packed with clichés. Some of them make me laugh, some of them warm my heart and others just rile me up.
I created this so we could rant and debate about our not-so-favourite clichés, and laugh and talk about all the others.
I’ll start with my least favourites: the girl gets cold and is given the black hoodie by her date- or the male love interest has that SAME tattoo. But there are also some good ones: pregnant by the bad boy gets me unaware every time :no_mouth:


I hate the:
MC meets random dude in bar
Goes home with him
Next day: job interview: OH NO HES MY BOSS/OH NO! IM PREGNANT BY MY BOSS!
:roll_eyes: I eyeroll so hard at this. This is not how any of it works. Period.
First of all. its 2020- who hasn’t been taught to use condoms and birth control? [Leaving off people who wont use them due to religious beliefs because obvi they arent out at clubs banging strangers.]
And, I will say it louder for the people in the back, PREGNANCY DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY!


A cliche I like? Hmmm… mean girls always make me laugh :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


:black_small_square:Hate-turned-love relationship
:black_small_square:Bad boy vs golden boy gist
:black_small_square:LI coming to MC’s rescue at the very last minute lol
:black_small_square:Women in power / alpha females!

:black_small_square:Annoying strong female MCs— the ones that are just angry at everything and trying too hard to be different
:black_small_square:Patriarchal side characters because not gonna lie, it’s overused and too predictable
:black_small_square:Romance stories where MC gets horny and describes the guy’s pixelated sexiness upon meeting him for the first time
:black_small_square:Super hot/popular/wealthy/successful/smart LI falling head over heels for a very average MC over… I don’t know what


:rofl: Oh my god! It’s so cringe-inducing! It’s like… he’s a cartoon, sis… We really don’t need a 10 page paper describing every imagined detail about his “sexiness”.


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