Your favourite movies/series

I was out of movies and series to watch so i thought of making a thread and maybe i’ll find something that i like :skull:

Soooooo which is your favourite movie or series and why? (I need some suggestions so pls reply :skull:)


Community on Netflix
It ended a while ago and I’ve seen all of them but I just rewatch it bc I like it

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Death In Paradise

9 series are complete and free to watch on BBC IPlayer

There are around 4 - 6 episodes per series (:

10th series so far has one episode out (:

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I have like way too many

Comedy: New Girl, The Good Place, Never Have I Ever
Sci-Fi: Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things
Drama: Virgin River, Grace and Frankie
Others: Lucifer, Schitts Creek, Vampire Diaries

These are all on Netflix



This British show called the ‘IT crowd’ owns my life- it finished awhile back but omg

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My favourite show is The Umbrella Academy and my favourite movies are Grease & Crimson Peak.

Crimson Peak is a gothic romance that has amazing graphics and I went through so many raw emotions watching it, definetly reccomend. Tom Hiddleston is part of the cast :smirk:

Grease is a classic, summer fling type of movie with lots of songs,set mainly in school (last year of highschool, I believe.)

The Umbrella Academy has that dark fantasy feel, that also invovles ordinary struggles.

I’m a sucker for fantasy and old movies/songs.

Hopefully atleast one of these interests you.

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:blue_heart: Movie series: The Lord of The Rings (a MUST watch), Kung Fu Panda (watch all 3), Shrek :green_heart:

:orange_heart: Shows: The Three Stooges (comedy gold), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avatar the Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Sabrina the teenage witch, Drake and Josh :yellow_heart:

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Fave TV shows: The Boys, Arrow, The Mandalorian, and Shark Tank

Fave Movies: Star Wars episodes 1-6, Any of the Avengers movies - or well, MCU movies in general, and I really enjoy most movies w Adam Sandler

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Well, recently I got interested in “How to get away with murder” even though it was filmed years ago. But I must say that it is really law-oriented and if you’re not interested in law or juristiction, you may find it boring :eyes:

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