Your first favorite story on the app!

Hey, all! :wave:t3:

I thought of a new kind of game - not exactly a game. :sweat_smile:

Open your Episode app, go to your favs and scroll down to the very beginning.

Task: write down your first 3 favorite stories from the app and see who has the same ones! Write your thoughts on it! :green_heart: :green_heart:
Of course they won’t be your favorites now, but you will be shocked to see what you like years ago.

I will start:

  1. Positively Princess
  2. The Royal Baby
  3. Collage Makeover

OMG! :joy: :joy:
If I’m being honest, that was a surprise. These weren’t the first ones I read but I can’t believe I put them in favorites. :sweat_smile: It seems like INK was my favorite in 2016 :sweat_smile:

Now it’s your turn to surprise yourself!


You can check out my story is online dating (based on a true story)

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Oh, I’m not looking for something to read now.
This is a game thread to find out everyone’s first stories they have saved in their favorites. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Pretty Little Liars
  2. Troublemaker: Double Trouble
  3. Chain Reaction

I love Pretty Little Liars! :heart_eyes:
I have re read both parts 3 times already :sweat_smile:


I haven’t actually read it since then but LOVE the show😊

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I don’t remember most of the ones I read, nor did I bother saving any, but probably the ones I do remember can be considered a favorite.

  1. Faking Death (S. Langdon) INK version
  2. Demi Lovato
  3. Pitch Perfect

Pretty Little Liars was great too, but I only read it after finishing the series. (Years after those three)


Not sure I understand… I have over 100 in my favs , if I scroll down to the bottom, the ones there certainly arnt my favs of all the ones I’m reading

The kiss list

Wolf of the shadows

I despise you


So you scroll down your favs and write the first three stories you had favorited years ago!
Of course, they will not be your favorites now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s interesting to see who were your favs years ago!

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I still haven’t read Demi! :sweat_smile:
I wanted to but something held me back.

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Unfortunatly, I think they’ve removed them. :sweat: :melting_face:

Just checked - You’re right :sob:

They are practically removing the history and everything this app started with. So unfair. :sneezing_face:

My fav list moves around though, as a story is updated it jumps to top of favs , so the bottom is always changing. And I don’t keep stories in my fav list once they’re completed. So the first stories I read years ago arnt there… I only recall one of the first I read was The Darkness Within ,which I love.

Pitch Perfect is gone too (and what else we don’t know about, Mean Girls and such). They probably just lost the rights to use it. Makes sense but still unfortunate :smiling_face_with_tear:


And sadly you don’t get a history list of all you read, that would be great to have


I LOVED Pitch Perfect! :sob: :sob:
I’m watching it on TV like 100 times a year.


Haven’t read that one but seems interesting!
I have like 200+ stories from 2016 in my favs. Guess it’s time to clear something :joy:

And I totally agree with you.

  1. Pretty Little Liers (same here)
  2. Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
  3. Through The Worlds

Hey can someone tell me why the story Through the Worlds is not found after searching?

I wasn’t able to complete the story because neither I can find the story nor I remember the author name😅


Seems like my then fav ones were:

  • The K*ss List
  • Why Me?
  • My Sister’s Crush

Although, if I remember right, my first & fav one I read back then was L🔥ve on Fire. But maybe, because I have reread it like three, four or even five times :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:, and that’s why it wasn’t on the bottom :sweat_smile:.
I remember reading The K*ss List and its whole story (the same goes for My Sister’s Crush). And I am not that shocked because they were good ones. But I can’t remember what Why Me? was about? :thinking: And also, three years ago, I would just tap yes to put it in the favourite section. Well because…:sweat_smile: I was probably still trying to figure out the app :no_mouth: