Your first favorite story on the app!

It’s probably the same as with Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, etc. :sob:
They just remove all good stories and leaves the cliches to us. :sleepy:

You’re not the only one. :joy:
I wanted to get all boys so I have replayed it too. :rofl:

If I remember correctly - moving in with the popular guy as your mom loses her job and she is good friends with the poplar’s guy’s mom. I have read the full version with the second part too. Honestly, better than I expected,

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That’s great that I am not the only one :joy:

If you remember correctly, then I don’t want to know what my past self thought back then :rofl::joy: If I were to read it now, I don’t think I would read it. Well, maybe because I wouldn’t like to wait until they will figure out that they love each other while they are living under the same roof. My patience sometimes is like “Just kiss already!”. :joy:

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Gold words :wink: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I totally agree with you. I felt like the INK era had much more originality then because trends weren’t set then.

  1. The Secret of Rain
    My very first story that I absolutely loved was the Secret of Rain. Sadly, the writer no longer writes stories on Episode. :melting_face:

  2. Pitch Perfect
    Can’t find it on the app anymore… Never got to complete it.

  3. The Kiss List
    Funny enough, probably the only official limelight story I loved. I have yet to find another that wins my heart.


Bad Boy’s Girl
Pitch Perfect: In Deep Treble

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Secret of the rain was one of my first favorites as well!


It was removed!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:
I re-read it 3 times! And rewatched too. Miss the old Episode. :pleading_face:

I remember starting it but never finishing. :sweat_smile:

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Do you know why they decided to remove it? :pensive: I felt like those were one of the hit Episode stories on the app?

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  1. Counting Sheep
  2. Faking Death
  3. The Soulmate Game
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Well, the main reason episode is removing stories is because of coding and style that is used there.
Thye have said “they want to move on” and because of the new limelight the old system doesn’t work anymore.

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But wasn’t Pitch Perfect a limelight story?

Maybe they lost the rights to be able to use it, since it was based off a movie? I think I’ve heard someone else say thats what happened.

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Honestly, it was kind of mixed. It’s different than standart LL but animations looks like LL.
Will miss that story :sob:

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Campus crush was an amazing story too on the classic episode days

Ohh, I wish I could have a chance to read Episode when they just started out. :pleading_face:

Oh thanks for telling me. That just really sucks…

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Episode Originals:

  • Catching Feelings
  • Love on Fire
  • Bad meets bad

Episode community:

  • Ohana: Ella J.
  • Barely Mine: Trisha
  • Heavy Hearts: Katarina

Thought I’d put the 3 first books of both Originals and Community :blob_sun:

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I remember reading more stories in the past, although I might have removed some of them from my favourites since then :/

Episode Originals:

  1. Demi Lovato series
  2. Confessions of a Teenage Detective
  3. The Secret of Rain


  1. The Ruby Tiara
  2. Iridescent
  3. Villain Rehab
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