Your first story

Hey guyys, in this post I want to know about your first story!!
How much time have you spent on learning to write the script? What was the reaction of the readers to your first story? Did you have any problems? Let me know :wink:

I’m actually writing my first story right now!

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Me too! That’s why I asked! Are you having any trouble learning how to write and stuff like that?

Not much! I have a whole brief outline ready, but there’s like this fear that it won’t do well at all or that nobody’s gonna like it which makes me super nervous!

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Oh a heck lot of trouble for me haha. It’s always errors. So I learnt from the brunt of trial and errors. Lots of practice and thinking out of the box. Just try.

Then I used the docs from the writers’ portal. Then I tried YouTube tutorials. And last I tried forums where I found help from the help threads :D. Now it’s more pleasant :smiley:

No worries. Just try and believe in yourself :smiley: The love for writing must still be there so we can continue striving :). Always rigourously and riligiously promote your story and do R4Rs. It is a good way to learn from others, gain feedback to improve your story.

I spent about 2-3 weeks learning the basic coding and then once I published I got scared for getting judged and didn’t look at it for a month lol

But once I checked on my story I was surprised I actually got some reads and a fan mail as well despite not promoting my story. The fan mail said they liked my story and that alone motivated me to continue my story :slight_smile:
I think it’s pretty evident though that it is my first story though (compared to my new one), because of the dodgy directing but otherwise I think I did pretty well for my first story!


Thank you! I’m trying to learn from different forum posts and stories.

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My first story… Hmmm, takes me back…

I spent a solid week learning coding from the guides before even actually writing anything relatively related to the plot I had in my head. When I finally did start writing, I spent months… 4 or 5 maybe, writing and writing and writing until I had about 7 episodes. I published them all at onces… The reaction was… um, quiet? I never had any platform to promote my story on so it just existed on the app for a while, getting a few reads here and there, but I never got any feedback or knew what readers thought of it. I think my first fanmail was “hi” if I remember correctly :thinking:

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How much time have you spent on learning to write the script?

I don’t know how many hours, but I would say 10 hours.

What was the reaction of the readers to your first story?

They was hooked, and they liked it.

Did you have any problems? Let me know.

No, not really. My first story is in classic, so it was easy for me to get use to the coding, and animations.

How much time have you spent on learning to write the script
Well I’ve been on and off of episode for a while and had to relearn a lot :joy: but when I made my first story (and actually published it) it took me about 5 hours to learn the script, I read every single guide and experimented a bit before actually starting to write my story.

What was the reaction of the readers to your first story
To my amazement, they actually loved it, got a whole bunch of fan mail and so on (i actually lost inspiration like halfway through it and kinda fell off the face of episode, and let me tell ya they were Pisssssssssed )

Did you have any problems?
None that i could remember (besides coming up with names)

Hum… I think my first story was made like 5 years ago. And honestly, it was a piece of shit . It wasn’t taking too much time, which makes sense. I’ve done around 8 episodes before releasing it :smiley: And I think I got around 2k reads. I don’t like remembering it, for mentioned reasons, and also because it was based on the actual romance I had back then. I was using guides only, because I wasn’t using forum at that time.

I’ve come a long way since then, and just now I’m feeling like I can actually write something decent lol.

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How much time have you spent on learning to write the script?
Well when I first wrote the first 3 chapters it was pre easy it only took me about a week to write the first 3 chapters.

What was the reaction of the readers to your first story?
Well I can’t really say, I didn’t really get a reaction from the readers.

Did you have any problems?
I didn’t really have any problems, there were just a few minor things someone helped me out with like some animations and some coding issues then I published it, I’ve had to go through animations to make sure I pick the right animation I’m not yet familiar with all the animations in INK.

I am writing my first story right now. I have a background of writing but have never done it in Episode. It´s quite stressful because I am suchhhh a perfectionist :roll_eyes:

AKA I am constantly changing everything I have already written, getting a better idea and then replacing something etc…

My only worry is that I will work myself up too much and when I finally publish my story, I won´t be happy with the outcome - not enough readers, little feedback…

I’m working on mine it took a while to learn how to code I haven’t finished it.
I have a thread for characters if you want to be one

I am working on my first story. I started writing it in Classic first, but then I stopped writing it because I think it lacked direction or it didn’t make any sense. That’s why it remains unpublished to this day. This was the time when I learned to write the codes, but I don’t remember how long it took me to get the basics down.

I started re-writing and making it better and now I am writing it in Limelight, so far with nine chapters in it. Of course, in the beginning I had to teach myself again to write the script despite the fact that I rememebered a little bit of the basics. In addition, I learned more stuff along the way. Now it only has very few reads and one fanmail. The fanmail said that it was “really good but needed few editing.” Kind of surprising because, I wasn’t expexting it.

Yes, I had problems with my story. Even if I proofread it before I started writing it on the writer portal, I am still editing it. With the coding, I had some errors too here and there. Overall, I think I am getting the hang of it and improving.