Your first time at college

What was it like for you? Comment your experiences below! I’d like to use them for my story.

didn’t go to college yet :joy: but I do wonder what it would be like


Awful…ha got bullied on my birthday(thought i was done wth tht in highschool.) College was an experince…wasnt like TV thts for sure…worse

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I have been to college twice.
It was pretty mellow.
Everyone kept to themselves unless you had friends or group projects to go.
I am hoping my third time will be just as mellow as well lol


wow. hope u weren’t too upset

what did you do there? how did things work?

The first time I went to get a degree in nursing.
The second went for Medical Transcript and Editing just for fun.
Soon I will be going to further my degree for nursing.
Everything was fine.
The parties were few, everyone there was pretty serious about their studies.
I am sure there were parties at the frats and whatnot but I am not sure haha

thank you! how long can u stay “unknown” in what degree you want to study

I am not fully sure.
I think it just depends on the college you are attending.
Usually people here just get a BA in general studies. In other words, they took a lot of classes for no certain degree in any area.

It destroyed me. XD I went to art school so I could learn to draw better and do better story telling. Within the three years I went, I learned these things and I use them, and it is very helpful and very good. But it wasn’t like I thought it was gonna be.

I thought I was going to finally actually put effort in and be a good student, but I wasn’t. I tried my best on projects, on things, something I’d never done before and I was told by my instructor that I had no talent and didn’t belong. Which, btw is a LIE! XDXD

Same instructor told me two years later that I was very talented and that I was an amazing artist. So…I know what he was doing, but it didn’t work for me.

I lost all my hope for the future, lost my will to live, lost my sanity. I’d never been so excited and then so brutally crushed. Despite him telling me and another instructor also telling me I was talentless, I was mostly thinking like, “Well…I guess I’ll just stick around because what else can I really do?”

Ugh…I hate thinking about what college did to me. It was worth it for the education and the knowledge, but my mental health has never been the same. I have more ability and know-how than ever before, but no motivation to utilize any of it.

I’m only able to do the small, seemingly pointless mortal things I do through God. He’s literally my only hope. XD

So that’s how my college is remembered. Emotionally devastating, but professionally and artistically fantastic!