Your Forum pet peeves?

I’m probably in the wrong category, but hey all!

I used to be on the forums a few years ago and left, but I forgot the password (and the username, don’t laugh. OR I could be a fake account, you never know.). However, I joined about 2 months ago (?) again and I want to see if things have changed or are still the same!

Here are my forum pet peeves:

  1. OP bumping their dead threads. It could be a shop thread, a promoting thread, etc. I understand if you are closed and will open soon, but there’s no point in bumping if you’re never going to open it again, or if it’s open and there are no requests (dead).
  2. Multiple threads promoting different chapters of the same story.

psst, don’t be offended if you are one of them.

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Nah cause I forgot my password for this account for like half a year and just logged in today :sob:

Having said that I no longer know if my forums pet peeves are still accurate but… :eyes:

• Repetitive topics that never have a change in answer. Like the “What do you dislike in a story?”-type posts. Chances are it’s going to be the same list as the last one, with a similar group of people answering. The question is typically asked because it’s an attempt to see what readers don’t want from your story, so you could at least describe some of your story / how you want to portray those cliches/icks to make it a bit more unique.

• I also think that people can be too soft when critiquing. I get it, I definitely used to be like that (I did at least fix grammar, spelling and suggest more natural dialogue / scene additions) and still kinda am . It’s hard to be honest and say that something just isn’t good but ultimately it’s best to express that if they actually want to grow as a writer.

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omg yes! A lot of people actually copy & paste whatever they wrote in another thread and I don’t even blame them 'cause I would too! There are just too many of those threads.