Your Future or what you want to see


I honestly don’t know I mean I’m just kinda leaving life, and thought eh what do y’all have planned for y’all life. Or anything for your future? Idk just a little something something to talk about life.


Do you mean like our plans for the future?




Well I really wanted to become a lawyer but my father doesn’t want me too. He said that I’m good at Maths and Physics and I should do something related to that. To be honest I like the idea but I don’t know. I’m the kind of person that make choices pretty easily so now I’m just so lost. I honestly don’t know what to do and I have to make a choice at the end of THIS very year (end of june). There’s a school offering to pay half of my scholarship only if I decide to practice in Maths and Physics and I really don’t know :sweat:.


Awwwwww I’m sorry that really does sound like a lot a lot. But I’m sure you’ll find out what you need to do.


If you want to become a lawyer, go for it!


Don’t let anyone influence your choice, take some time to sit back and think. You’ll know what’s right.


Thank you I hope I’ll find out soon


I want to be vet nurse or a vet in general because who doesn’t love animals!!

I was meant to start my course this year but got really sick so that sucks :-1:


Dang I’m sorry about that I hope it works out.


I hope you’re doing well now


thank you :blush:
still waiting for answers aha


I want to get outta college with flying colors and get a good job as an architect (possibly open a firm of my own, I dunno, that’s a wishful thinking :sweat_smile:) and…hope that I still get time to dance :upside_down_face:


Awwwww That sounds so cool! You have fun and remember to take time to do your dancing.


I want to see great acceptance between all of us (no matter what the race, gender, religion, caste, color, belief, nationality, personality etc) in the coming future :yellow_heart: :smile_cat:


I want to become a doctor and also I want to visit as many countries as I can


I’m honestly just living life too. Idk i could live off being a street racer but i want to be an author as well so imma do both


You could do doctors without boarders


That’s something I’d love to do as well maybe I’ll go to college again to learn architecture lol


I want to become an author too, but in my country is a little hard…