Your Honest Opinion?



Should I start reviewing stories? I sent a review to a writer, and she’s gonna (hopefully) use my advice. I feel reviewing is my hidden talent. But I don’t want to be rude, either. But not too nice.

  • Yes, you really should!
  • No!
  • Maybe?

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OMG yes! I reviewed a bunch of stories and received so much love, you will get love too for your reviews I know you will!


I appreciate your review and I think you did amazing explaining everything and you went into detail on what made it work and what you really liked about it you should really do more. :blush::blue_heart:


Actually I was wondering if you would be up for reviewing my story?? Would love to see your style of reviewing as well!


There’s styles of reviewing?


Yes, your own style! Some people give scores, some people write down their thoughts, etc. Everybody has a unique way of reviewing :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I’d like to try scores, but I don’t wanna kill people’s confidence…


I don’t use scores either tbh - I feel like it is too much pressure for me :joy:


Pressure? Why?


Lol I am just indecisive :joy: I know my score would change so I prefer to give qualitative comments.


True. I’m indecisive sometimes


When you’re up for it, let me know if you would like to review ma story :heart:


Sure, I will.






I’d be more than happy if anybody would review my upcoming story. Something seems to be odd and missing but I cannot put my finger on it, since I’m the one writing it.
You should totally try it! It would help heaps of Episodians :slight_smile:


Follow your passion! :wink:


Thank you so much!


Maybe. :grin: