Your Ideal MC personalities

I want to know how you prefer your Charactor to act like. If your the person playing the story what do you like about how the MC acts and what don’t you like?

I really like powerful personalities. An independent, strong-willed woman that doesn’t fall for clichés. After all, a story that avoids clichés is automatically above many. :v:


I guess just something different. Although I do like powerful women, they’re so over-done in EPISODE that it becomes not funny, and a little boring. Why not make a character with zero self confidence to the point where they can barely go anywhere without feeling anxiety? Or maybe even have the main character as a male? Just try not to fall for all of those cliches and you’ll be fine : )



I’m writing my story right now, and honestly my favorite character is the badass one who takes no crap from anyone, not even the villain. She’s very headstrong and a fighter

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