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Welcome to my humble bookshelf, open for the community. Please contact me by PM if you think another talented tale should be added here. Checked grammar, good spot directing and positive feedback are some key rubrics to judge from! :nerd_face:

WARNING Some of the brief descriptions may have not so important spoilers.

:clipboard: Romance

Jaded Love by Bri [LL, Community]
You’re a regular gal from the urban city with dreams of writing famous books and running your own bookstore, but with negative things going on lately, not with your parents demanding a divorce and a scandalous hatred with your sister Adriana, your moods barely escalate. That is, until you meet Lincoln Fox, a football player that social media names a player, a guy you love to hate, and the introvert slips into the world of price to date an athlete. Is Lincoln truly loyal and flexible, or is he exactly what the news makes him out to be?
Deets: CC, Art Scenes, 1 LI
Blue Onaga by Chanel N [LL, Community]
Since your father passed, a beloved lifeguard of this quaint seaside town, your stressed mom and her comforting rule biding younger sister has blocked you up from your passion, to surf. Blue Onaga the surfing legend is gone. But permanently–or temporarily? After breaking away from your job as a waitress and the cruel Hiro, stripped of your dignity, money is scarce, until your dad’s old friend introduces you a surf competition–with an Australian hunk as your opponent.
Deets: No CC, Art Scenes, 1 LI

:clipboard: Mystery
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:clipboard: Action
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:clipboard: Fantasy
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:clipboard: Comedy

Ticket to Heaven by Love S [INK, Community]

Death by choking on meant to be someone else’s very expensive engagement ring inside your cupcake sends you to a graduation school for amateur beginners in Heaven, where you have one task, to become the mentor of a rude annoying bad boy and guide him to a good road, in return for a place in Heaven’s resort alongside famous celebs, drinking smoothies and basking underneath the sun. How hard can it be to tutor a young troublemaker?!


Happy reading, everyone!

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I think you might have accidentally left out the mystery genre, love.

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You’re right, I did. Thanks for pointing it out!

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You’re welcome.

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