Your Local Episode Art Shop (SHUT DOWN)



Hello and welcome to Your Local Episode Art Shop! Make sure to read through the entire thread before requesting anything!


As this is an art group we have many artists participating. In this shop we have myself (Amealia), Alex, and Maia! You may NOT ask for any artist in particular as we all work as a team. We need more artists in this group if you are interested in joining make sure to message me!





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  • Our Art should not be redistributed anywhere without the individual artist’s consent to do so

  • Do not advertise or promote your own Art Shop on our thread

  • Give credit where credit is due this means when you use our work credit both our shop and the individual artist somewhere in your story

  • Never claim our work as your own

  • If your request has characters in the work make sure to give both a picture of the character(s) and their details so we can remake them as needed same goes for outfits

  • Make sure to use the request forms listed if you do not your request will be ignored

  • Be patient please know that the work we do can not be rushed and it takes a lot of time

  • Respect other people on this thread that includes other customers and the artists

  • Do not request in this shop if you have already requested in another it makes things confusing and problematic for the artists

  • Know we have every right to decline your requests if need be


Currently No waiting list


Note that we may ask you some more questions even after your request form has been filled out if need be.

Cover Form:
Story Title:
Story Genre:
Background (general Idea):
Story Description:
Cover Details:
Character(s) Details:
Outfit(s) Details:
Character(s) pose(from the app):
Author Name (optional):
Extra Details:

Splash Form:
Splash Type:
Character(s) Details:
Outfit(s) details:
Character(s) pose (from app):
Background (general idea):
Extra Details:

Overlay Form
Picture of object:
What for:
Extra Details:

Character Drawing
Picture of character:
Picture of full outfit:
Character details:
Outfit details:
Pose (from the app):

Profile Picture / Icon
Background (general idea):
Character picture:
Character details:
Outfit Picture:
Outfit details:

If there is anything else you would like ask about it and any questions may be asked as well.


I want to ask if you can before I request it. I have asked a few others and they were unable to do it. Witch I truly understand when someone can not! But here is what I am wanting if you can do it i’ll get it all together!
I am wanting a small cover (INK) I want the guy to be holding the girl sitting on the floor and her arms around him if can four heads together and sad, I want her to look as though she is crying and he is sad! (A little about the story: Seth is sick and hides it for everyone but when him and Tayler fall in love she finds out and is hart broken.)
But just let me know if you think you can and i’ll give you everything! :slight_smile:


I wont be able to do that but I can ask the others in the shop I will get back to you ASAP


Okay thank you. :slight_smile:
Like I said understand if not! :heart::heart:


We can not we do not have any artists with enough skill level to do this sorry.


In the character drawing, can there be 2 people?


I don’t see why not


Okay. I’ll have to text you the character details later because I have to head out soon. Thank you :purple_heart:


That’s alright just make sure you fill out the request form


understand :slight_smile:


Anyone need any art?


Me. Do you do overlays?


I can’t speak for the other artists but I have not taken any art


Can you show me what works are stolen art so I can take care of the issue


I just read the whole thread and I thought it was just your thread sorry


It’s alright but what works were taken because if they are taken I do need to talk to the artist in out group who told me they were there own