Your local free artist <33

Hello there if you want some kind of art for your story but can’t do it yourself or don’t want to spend any money on it then you’ve found the right place to go. :slight_smile:
I once already tried something like this and it didn’t really work out since it were too many request that I took in. So it may take a bit till I reply to your request still feel free to tell me what you’ll like you can pm me or just write it here.
Example of what you could write about so I’ll know if it’s possible for me to do it:

  • Is it a cover for your story an art scene or anything else
    -How many characters would be in it (the details of the characters would help a lot)
    -Any kind of specific background that you would like
    -Would you like glitter or a text on it or idk anything specific
    of course you can add more to tell me what exactly you would like to have you can add pictures anything :)) It’s likely that I’ll take more request that are with fever people or a just generally easier to di :confused:
    Tbh I don’t know if I’m good at everything atm since the best that I can do is portraits but I really like drawing I just don’t have any idea what to draw so I’ll gladly try to do your cover, art scene etc just please bear with me it may not be what you wanted exactly!!! I’ll give my best to try to do it as you like tho :smirk_cat:

Here’s an example for my art:

Not the best but I’m learning and trying to improve :butterfly:


Your art looks amazing, I quite impress over your nose, I always struggle with makeing those.

Thank you I appreciate it :relaxed: I totally get what you mean with the nose it was like that for me too but I’ve seen a tiktok in which she drew a triangle but it was a bit longer idk and than she blended and shaded a lot it makes drawing noses a lot easier

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Thanks a lot…I am bookmarking cuz I’ll sure af need it in future…:joy:…Do you have an insta btw…???

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yes I do it’s @overallconfused it’s my personal account :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot…:relaxed: