Your Oldest Memories 💭

Like the title says, what are some of your oldest memeories?

I hope this isn’t a replicate of any thread.

Everyone has memories from their childhood, and they’re are some memories which we never forget, no matter how many years fly by.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane, feel nostalgic and share some of our oldest memories.




I’ll start of with a poll:

Do you have memories which you are not sure actually happened, or if you imagined it?

  • Yes, most of them feel that way.
  • Nah, I can tell the difference.

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This is pretty weird, but I am almost certain that I have one memory that I had when I was a baby. It’s a pretty embarrassing memory, so I’m not going to share it on here, but it felt pretty realistic. Maybe it was a dream, but I just feel like it happened and I somehow remember it. The non-embarrassing part of it is that I remember waking up and feeling uncomfortable, so I started screaming in the crib in my old bedroom/nursery. Still don’t know if that actually happened.


I remember being at McDonald’s for my twin and I’s birthday and our friend stole our water gun we got as present and lost it. Another kid had taken it. We never got it back.


LMAO this is always weird to say but since it’s a thread why not? i think i was… maybe 3? my oldest brother was baby-sitting me, and i was sitting on a counter (still don’t know if he picked me up lol) and i had these huge sunglasses on and i just remember only wearing a diaper and him telling me to get down :joy: i think it happened? but sometimes my dreams just mess me up :woman_shrugging:


This isn’t really an old memory since I know for a fact that it happened, but when I was in preschool, I wanted to be a McDonald’s drive-thru worker because I thought that I would get free ice cream. Like no joke, at my preschool graduation, they asked everyone what career they wanted and I said that. It was so embarrassing sksk


This is some weird stuff but YOLO… I remember when I was like 10 ( I’m 15 now ) I was at a McDonald’s with my family. I started playing hide and seek with some random kids. This cute kid named like Thomas or some fancy name wanted to get to know me and stuff. So we hid together and got to know each other and became great friends… And then we played family and he was the dad, I was the mom. He almost kissed me :joy: I simply told him the baby was crying, and then left him.

This isn’t my oldest memory though :sweat_smile::joy:


Yeah! I know now I wanted to be a programmer. And a writer during my free time. :blush::blush: Then if my book takes off I will be a full-time writer. :blush:

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Awww you lost your water gun :upside_down_face:

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I think most people played family when they were small, cause I remember playing that as well. I was always the mother, I forced my sister to be the father and our baby was a doll :joy:

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I remember me and my mom lived in some projects and there was some gang activity in our backyard and someone was killed in the back. I mean I was chill and drinking milk while doing my ballet thingy but I remember hearing everyone freak out outside and my dad had to come and pick me up


i remember when i was 4, my brother tricked me into eating a chilli wrap. he ate the part with no chilli and said it was fine, so i trusted him. never again

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I was a very boring child…:sob::sob::sob::sob:

I used to be attached to this stuffed duck. It’z still yummeh :heart_eyes:

When I was in prep, my best friend was friends with this boy from the school near ours. Every time I hung out at her house, she’d invite him as well. Unfortunately…they always played house. And made moi be the baby. :sob::angry::pensive: Then they’d boss me around, make me sit in the naughty corner and go outside and play. :neutral_face::sob: Was I born to be a third wheel?


I remember when my little sister was born. I remember the trip in the car to the hospital to go see her (I was left with my grandad while my mum gave birth) and I remember holding her for the first time. I also remember throwing a tantrum (I was 2, give me a break) when she was given back to my dad, but I quickly shut up when they gave me a biscuit so :woman_shrugging:

We used to have this huge plastic container that used to have all of our stuffed toys in it, and I remember taking some out so that my sister could climb in and I shut the lid on her. (It was transparent, so everyone knew she was in there)

I remember wishing to be 10 years old when I was 8 for my birthday because I thought 10 year olds were treated more seriously.

I remember back-talking to my mum where she had threatened to take away all my toys and tv time to which I said “Don’t worry mum, I know you’ll provide me with everything that I need”.

Needless to say I was a little smart-ass back in the day. :joy:

I remember lots of things from my childhood.


My earliest memory was when I was like 5 month old in my baby bath and my dad took a picture of me (I have the picture, my sister told me that it’s just my imagination because of that picture but I vividly remembered that before even knowing that fucking photo existed)

I also have a memory from when I was a little less than a year old. The home phone rang and I answered it with “uh-lo” (it’s like ‘Hello’ it’s how you answer the phone in Israel and it was the only word I knew how to say) and there was a person that sounded like a grown up (I can’t remember if it was a man or a woman but the person’s voice was low and friendly) and that person asked me if they can talk to my mom or dad so I baby walked half my house with the phone in my hand to my mom and handed her the phone.

I couldn’t see myself but I was probably sooooo cute!

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Ohh that sounds scary, but you were such a chill baby :joy:

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Oh poor you :laughing:

I remember something similar to this. When I got to hold my newborn sister for the first time I had a cold, and so I got scared that she would also get sick cause of me. So while I was holding her, I would swipe the air around me so that I wouldn’t breath onto her and give her “my germs” :joy:

Lucky I always played the mother, when my youngest sister was born me and my other sister made her be the child… and we did kind of boss her around and make her do the same things you were forced to do :sweat_smile:


Oh that does sound cute :blue_heart:

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That huge sunglass part made me laugh for some reason :laughing:

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