Your Opinion About Flirting On The Forums!


What is your opinion about flirting on the forums? Some people think it’s borderline harassment when someone says “your hot”. Other people find nothing wrong with it and enjoy it!

I personally don’t mind when someone flirts! As long as that person does not cross any boundaries I don’t find anything wrong with it.

Please state your opinion down below! I’m interested to see what everyone thinks!

And everyone who participated in this conversation please be mindful that everyone has their own opinion!










This is funny and nvm again :relieved:


I mean I personally dont mind flirting its fun. Even if someones flirting with hella lot of people. But if ur in a relationship and flirting with other people then I think thats wrong




I think that’s wrong too…even if you are having a fling with someone…you should not be flirting with everyone you see!


Thanks :blush:


I mean, I don’t mind flirting but I don’t think you should flirt with everyone you come across, especially if you don’t know them well. :woman_shrugging:t3:


I mean i dont really care, if i knew how to flirt or was good at it i would do that lmao


Haha I’m not that good at it either


I agree


At least u have a gf lol


I don’t have a gf…lol


Oops i think im talking about the wrong person.


Hahahahaha ok


I find it kind of weird, mostly because of age. I know that a lot of forum users are 13 so it’s a little weird to see (though today is probably the first day I’ve ever actually seen it).

I think it’s fine if both parties are ok with it, as long as it’s harmless flirting. Each to their own I guess :woman_shrugging: If someone decides they don’t want to partake in it, then there’s a problem, especially if it continues after saying so.

Honestly? I just find it a major cringe. Seeing the flirting happening in 2018 is pretty hilarious compared to when I was a teen :joy: The guys back then seemed to be smoother with their quips. Makes me sound so old.


Haha I doubt you are that old! I mean to be honest I will never be the one to start flirting just becuase that’s not me, but if someone starts to flirt with me I will always ask how old they are just becuase I don’t want any thing to do with a 40 year old :joy:. I think that flirting is a win lose situation…it can either go very bad of very good! It just depends!


I mean… I don’t see the problem with nice little nicknames, like I dunno… sunshine or whatever, but like @perplexedjam said, the age difference may make some people uncomfortable. Just don’t get too… weird. Lol!

But nice little nicknames are ok, I guess, if the other person doesn’t have a problem, and is comfortable. :slight_smile:

Overall, I agree with @Kaycee_Rose: