Your Opinion on Customization

Hi, my dear authors and readers,
I have a very important question and it’s about customization.

I always have limited customization in my stories but I thought about adding full customization but for gems (more specifically 12 :gem:) There would be limited customization choice and under that full customization choice for gems.

So if you can express your opinion on this because I would really appreciate it. I would like to satisfy as many people as possible so even if you are against please tell me so I can work with it. But please don’t be rude to anyone, it’s just their personal opinion.

Sending love
L :hibiscus:


Honestly, I think that’s a great idea. If you want to encourage people to use Limited customization (because you had a certain vision or whatever the reason), then I think making them use gems is a fair choice. Gem choices only annoy me when they’re for important plot points, so this is what they were made for; to offer benefits they wouldn’t usually get


I think that’s a good idea, the readers can either pay or do it free. Being on the episode forums I have realised that most people don’t even change the mcs appearance. I personally like to have customisation but if your looking at the majority of the community, that’s a good idea. :blob_hearts:


I do really recomand not to, I dont CC but I would not wanna read a story who do something like this. your not even gonna make the code yourself you just use Daras, I find it greedy and wrong, also I am sure there was a rule about full CC could not cost gems, first time, it can for re-cc. which btw I would be fine with.

I made a poll, about what people would pay, if your interested, this are the result.

This was for what people would not pay gems for

And this is what people would wanna pay for


Oh okay, thank you :thinking:

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Honestly, I think that would annoy the majority of readers, particularly if the first full and/or limited customization of the story is for gems purely because practically every other story offers it for free and there are a lot of readers who much prefer to fully customize whichever character they’re playing as.

There are some authors who implement customization for gems in later chapters if the reader wants a second, third, fourth chance to customize, and I haven’t heard them say that it wasn’t successful for them but I definitely do not recommend it for the first customization chance in the story.
It might be worth trying that out for later chapters though if you wanted to? Charging x gems for limited CC and x gems for full CC later but maybe warn the reader at the first customization, that the next ones will cost them? Just a thought. 🤷😊


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