Your Opinion On Gang Stories?

So as of right now I am writing a story that involves gangs? Is there anything you like to seee in a gang story? Do you have any tips?


Typically a lot of gang stories are distasteful, but that’s because usually a girl is kidnapped and falls in love, so just make it tasteful

Don’t make the mc weak.

Make it more “realistic”. I also started writing a gang story because I didn’t like the ones I found. The MC is so strong in all the stories and I just thought “wow you just got kidnapped and now you decide to fall in love…nope”

In my story the female will not be disrespected, she is a strong independent women! And I am all about respecting a women so don’t worry about that!


She will most definitely not be weak… she will be the kind of women who takes charge and stands for what is right!

I agree…and I wanted to be original so the MC will not be getting kidnaped by her lover. Also have you published your story yet?!?

Yes, I’ve published 4 episodes. It’s called Dreams and Nightmares by Dreamer.

Try not to glorify violence and illegal actions (thats actually in the Episode content guidelines but never seems to be enforced). A lot of people like gang stories because of the power hierarchy and edginess, but remember that real gangs survive only through trafficking drugs, crime, and worse of all people. So make sure that your characters aren’t characterized as edgy or strong just because they shoot someone or commit a crime.

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I love my gang story’s so I will definitely check it out!

Thanks for the advice! Now because this is the theme of the story there will have to be some illegal actions. But I will make sure to not cross a line where it could make people uncomfortable.

Oh thank you! Tell me when you’ve published your story so I can check out yours too

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