Your Opinion On: Should I Open An Art Shop?

What exactly is considered art shop-worthy? :thinking: I was thinking of opening up an art shop but I’m not exactly sure if I should… since everyone has different opinions on how “nice” something looks. Please give an honest opinion on this (not the rude kind of honest, please.)


I can’t actually draw bodies (yet,) just heads, so I’ll only be able to do profile pics if I ever decide to open one up. Can an art shop just do Pfps? Or should I ask others to join the shop who can actually do other things (splashes, covers, overlays, etc.)

Should I open an art shop?
  • Yes
  • No

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That looks good but I would say if you practised a bit more, you could definitely open an art shop!

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Art shops aren’t just about drawn art. There are many things like edits,outfits, mood boards etc so just follow your :heart:


Many art shops have more than one artists so maybe you should ask if others wanna join!

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I think you should go with what you think i mean your really good just maybe have more people join if you do open a shop

maybe I’ll do an outfit shop? I love making outfits
those aren’t as popular though, so I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing

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