Your Opinions On Reveal Story Contest?

Hi, recently came out new contest called “Reveal”.

I am definitely joining cause it matches my story which I am writing but I would like to hear your opinions. I read that a lot of people don’t like that story should be in drama genre. I personally don’t mind it being drama cause drama is such an easy genre to change into something else.

So… your opinions :greentea:

PS: Something helpful


tbh im wary about my entry and confused about the contest. ik drama can be flexible but it still has to follow a certain set of rules to be considered a drama. Im just worried that my story wouldn’t be considered a drama. in addition, the rules seem kinda weird to me like is it one big reveal and the entire story focuses on that or can it be a big reveal and other reveals along the way? It’s my first contest that I’m joining too so…idk jitters I guess XD?


Thank you for linking my post :pleading_face:

I’m excited! I’m getting more and more worried I won’t have time (even though it was just announced, what? barely half a week ago?) I won’t be able to write it but I’m getting there.

@Youngbl00d how I understand it (and how I’m writing my story) is like…
We introduce the story, use the first chapter for buildup. Introduce characters, what’s happening in their life right now, what’s going on in the world.
Then comes the plot twist (which is gonna be 2nd episode)
3rd episode and onward is going to be what happens because of the plot twist/reveal, with more reveals in the story, but the main is the one in the 2nd episode.

I hope this makes sense? lol


Tbh, I think this is going to be a good contest. Authors can bring out different stories, from different time periods, talking about something “revealing”. Revealing something can be ANYTHING.


  • Revealing that you’re a creature from another dimension but no one knows except your parents, and you didn’t know… (this is going to be worth a lot of work, because you have background story, character developments, etc.)

Everything take time and effort to plan out the scenes, characters, ending, etc.

So I knot this is going to be a bit challenging, introducing characters, character development throughout the story, revealing scene/plot twist, can maybe be in the 3 episode or further depending if your story is long.


I like plot twists fine. But the drama category limits the imagination a bit


It does help so thanks XD. Its an interesting theme for sure but im just cautious of the genre since drama needs a subgenre and the subgenre might be the actual genre rather than drama (idk if that make sense)


Yeah I’m scared my sci-fi drama will be disqualified too •_•


yea and my fantasy/adventure drama ;-;


But like, you can’t change the genre nor remove ‘reveal’ from your title if the contest is over…


wait can you?

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i thought we can take away reveal once the contest is over you just cant chnage the genre

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Okay yeah then it’s alright haha

Pff hope we are not getting disqualified


When the contest is over, and if u are not on the shelf, I think you can remove it. Only if you want to I guess.

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Oh okay that makes sense ahhah
Hope to see you on the shelf :smirk:

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hehehehe, time will tell if I am on the shelf or not, tbh, I don’t really mind if I am not on it, so . :woman_shrugging:t3:

Is this your first time participating?

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this is go true rn. :see_no_evil:


I really wish I had the time to enter. I have a plot which fits almost perfectly and that I’ve been sitting on and wanting to write for a while. I don’t like the genre limitations though as I think this theme could work so well with genres like mystery, fantasy, thriller etc


It’s a good contest, but I don’t like that the genre has to be drama. This prompt fits perfectly with the story that I’m writing, but mine is mystery and all the entries have to have a drama-based main plot. The one-genre thing really limits your creativity. I think this prompt would work well with any genre.