Your Opinions On Strong Mental Topics?



What do you guys think about having a main character struggling through depression?

  • I would prefer to avoid strong mental topics.
  • I soak those up like a sponge!
  • I mean, it’s whatever.

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Feel free to share your thoughts! x


I love those stories as long as it’s written by someone, or the author knows a person, who has gone through it.


I agree. Me and my friend are actually struggling through depression right now (mine’s more mild than hers). I felt like I wanted to take a dive into a world that’s not much explored by others, so I decided to write about something that I honestly am going through myself!


I would consider it if the author actually knew what is was like. Back in my Wattpad days, there were so many eating disorder stories that went completely under cliches, and some authors did admit that they didn’t have eating disorders. It was terribly written, completely inaccurate, and giving a bad name to the Ana community. Super embarrassing to read because there were some geniuene people that thought this was what it was like… or worse, people that romanticized it.
If you’re gonna write a story about depression, please either be experiencing it or do your research.

i am not pro ed but i can sympathize with those who are


I completely agree. The horribly inaccurate stories just make my skin crawl. Just… eugh.


As both a psychology grad and someone with mental illnesses, I love accurate depictions of mental illness (keyword: accurate. Inaccuracy makes me want to throw my phone at the author). It’s good being able to relate to the character’s struggles, and can be a nice reminder that we’re not alone in this. Of course, it’s still good for the author to do research even if they’re experiencing it, since not everyone’s experience with depression is exactly the same (though personal experience is still an excellent place to start from). Best of luck to you!


Thank you for your opinion! I also completely agree.


Ive read multiple depression stories and didnt like any of them.
They all start the same and cover all the same cliche symptoms of what ppl think depression is(wat they think when they hear it).
Most stories start off with MC being sad faced and then a self loathing textbox and an overuse of the crying animation. Idk i read mulitple stories on depression and cant relate at all.
No one talks about Anhedonia(feeling numb/lifeless/meh/everythings boring/nothinga fun) or how SI is not just cutting…idk…most seem melodramatic. I read one where the friend was depressed and then the next day they were “sassy”(insulting ppl) and that was suppose to be a good day for them. No one talks about depressed introverts/quiet ppl. When ppl write these stories its always from the POV of a loud extroverted person(NOTHING WRONG WITH THT) who changes into an introvert to show tht they r depressed or the “im smiling but inside im dying” type of works ive seen. Idk i try to find crap i can relate to but it all seems melodramatic and unrealistic or just stuff i cant relate to. Idk maybe im crazy and being dramatic


I’ve seen the same, and I honestly agree.