Your opinions on the LI?


I’ve been writing a story for a while now and at the beginning you choose the sex of your LI.

I would like your opinion on this because I’m considering removing it. Do you prefer to wait longer and have the multiple LI or just the male version??

It’s not as simple as changing the pronouns and names. I have to change the overlays as well


I’m a straight female and I love self inserting into a story so I always romance the guys anyways so focusing on the male route first then later on adding the female route is cool with me :woman_shrugging:t2:

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But just do whatever you’re most comfortable with because at the end of the day you ain’t gonna make everyone happy lmao

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i think people love that you can choose, as a bisexual female I choose whichever gender I’m sort of feeling in the moment, but if it’s too hard or too stressful (i also have a LI choice and I agree it can get realllyyy long and tiring) then don’t because at the end of the day it’s your story and your happiness x

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Thank you so much for your opinion. I haven’t quite decided yet.

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I’ve seen stories where they had two different LI’s, male and a female! And they were siblings so the other was always in the story already. Idk if that makes a difference.

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Thanks I have seen them before but that’s not what I’m after. :blush:

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