Your Opinions Wanted: Moving the Episode Guides

Hello Episodians!

Our Writer Portal team is constantly working on ways to improve the usability and accessibility of our Portal!

Currently, they’re working on finding a new home for our Episode Guides (if you don’t know, they live here on the Writer Portal AND here on our help page!)

We know you all on the forums have put in a lot of time helping each other with questions, writing your own guides, and exploring ours when you were just starting out. So we thought, why not ask you all about our plans?

We want to make sure that our guides come up first on the forums, so new authors with questions can get the help they need without having to create a new topic each time.

We’re currently looking at two major options, which you can vote on in the poll below:

  1. Adding a banner to the top of this page directing users to our help page, so they can check out our guides and get the answers to some of their questions there first!


  1. Adding a button to each page that acts the same as the “Need Help?” button in the script pages of the Writer Portal. (If you haven’t already, check that button out! It provides direct answers to lots of common questions, and can help you get better help from our support team.)

Let us know what you think of these options by voting in the poll below, and feel free to give us suggestions in this thread! We’re all ears!

With Love,


  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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Where would the button go exactly?

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Good question! We’re still working that out ourselves. Current thought is either top of each page, or bottom as a sticky footer (like how the topic title always stays at the top of the page).

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@Melani3 I’m a bit confused…
So would the “button/banner” in theory would link people to where the guides are currently within the writers portal or are you making a new section on the forums and you’re asking if we’d want a button or a banner that will redirect people to the guides within the forums?

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Happy to clarify! The button/banner would live in this section of the forums, and link people to these help guides.


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Thank you :slight_smile: