Your own background

It took a few days for me, but like everyone else is saying, it depends. I’m guessing it depends on when you upload your photos for approval. : )

It normally takes at least a few days to a week for my backgrounds to get approved but my overlays tend to get approved much quicker, normally within the same day (sometimes even just a few minutes after I’ve uploaded them).

Story covers tend to be reviewed within a day or two for me but sometimes they take longer.

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Oddly backgrounds and cover art always take so much longer to be approved, compared to overlays.
Like, I uploaded a couple of backgrounds a few days ago… and they have yet to be reviewed and approved. But I uploaded a couple of overlays about an hour ago and they’ve been approved already. :flushed: Their process is very strange.

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Mine are more like interiors bedrooms, conference rooms, living rooms, kitchens, exteriors of houses, cities, and exteriors with cars on them. so I’m still waiting.
Thank you, guys

Yeah I saw that too :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: I wrongly uploaded my background as overlays and they got approved very quickly and now I’m getting impatient

Well, actually, you could use the overlays as temporary backgrounds if you really wanted to publish straight away and then switch them out later (if you wanted to) once the backgrounds get approved. I don’t personally see much point to that though but it’s an option.

Even though your backgrounds are still in review, at least they can still be used in previews so you can continue to write your story. (:

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I tried and I didn’t know how to do that so I gave up

I find it much easier to have the overlay the exact same size as the background (I sometimes use procreate for things like that and also the image size app), so that way when you insert it into the script, you don’t need to scale or shift it.

Idk what platform you’re on, but if you’re on iOS, you can just download the background you want as an overlay, insert it into the image size app (its free unlike procreate) and then add in what size you want the picture to become.

640x1136 is one zone.
1280x1136 is two zones.
1920x1136 is three zones.

In the settings section, which is via the gear icon, you can switch “Output Format” from JPEG to HEIC and make sure the toggle for “Keep PNG Format” is turned on.

And from there you can download the resized version and upload it to your portal! (:

Or you could just use a format converter site, resize site and a compression site if your overlay ends up being over 1MB but yeah. I find the app pretty handy for choosing PNG and determining the dimensions I want in one place.

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Thanks but for now I’ll just wait because I’m a beginner at writing an episode story and I’m still familiarizing myself with the coding and all and I’m still in the middle of a chapter and I still haven’t a cover for my story and I don’t know how to get one for free.

That’s okay. That’s what a lot of us on the forums are here for - to ask for help and to provide help.

There are shops here on the forums where you can submit a form if you like their work and they’ll make and edit covers for you to use.

Some shops:

You might need to ask Ellie if you can go on a wait list for a cover or something for this shop. :sweat_smile:

You might also need to ask Kiki if you can go on a wait list for a cover, but you can’t ask her for the same cover as another shop and vice versa.

You could one shop to do your small cover and the other to do your large cover though if you wanted.

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what’s the difference between a large one and a short one?

Takes a few days for me

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Using your story @Abimations4 as an example + a little promo lol. :joy::person_shrugging:

So, each story has two covers.

A small cover:

This cover is the first cover readers see when going through stories or shelves.

And a large cover:

This cover appears when the reader presses on the story to see what it’s about and/or open the story.


What I have on my mind for the cover I think the small one will do

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Okay, well if you have any other questions, you can either PM me (if you want to) or create new threads with your questions.

It’s just because we’re deviating from the original topic of this thread and will probably get flagged even though you’re the original poster. It’s just the way the forums work. :smiling_face_with_tear:


No problem thanks for your time

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Ohh thank you so much for recommending my shop! :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:

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No problem! (:

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Lol I’m honoured :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears: