Your Pet Peeves?



One of my pet peeves is when people say that they have a mental disorder but they actually don’t.

Like Sally, you don’t have depression because you’re sad.
Vanessa, you aren’t OCD because you are a PERFECTIONIST, two very different things.

It actually gets my gd nerves, especially the OCD one. OCD is very hard to live with if you don’t take medication. It will take over your life and make you obsessed. And it can actually drive you to kill yourself. So, don’t claim you have OCD when you’re actually a perfectionist.

What are your Pet Peeves
What are your Pet Peeves

My pet peeve is when people say I’m not mexican JUST because I look like my white dad and not my mexican mom.


smh so true. I’m filipino-american and these people just assume i’m white bc i look like it and don’t believe/doubt that i’m actually filipino/asian.


i get what you mean. But I’ve learned to deal with it lol. but then I start cussing them out in spanish and then they are like “Okat you are!” like why do I need to prove it like wtf


yeah i usually have to say “its true, my mom was born in san jose, batangas!”


Yeah lmao.


Well let’s not get off topic.
Another pet peeve of mine is when people say they are better than you at something and then when you verse them in it they lose against you like you didn’t have to lie.


same i kinda have a pet peeve similar to it, its like people try to prove you wrong, but they were wrong in the first place and they act like they weren’t wrong and you weren’t right


Another pet peeve is when someone doesn’t know what Anime is like WTF YoU BE LVING UNDER A ROCK!!


also when people don’t know that anime originates in japan like cmon people




omg and when people smack their gum. like in sixth grade world studies a resource teacher would help out and he would give out gum and like in the second quarter i sat next to this kid and this mf gd kid smacks his gum all period. drove me mad


Omllllll lol


When people ask since I’m from Jamaican descent if I speak patois.



  1. When people in front of me walk slowly (OH MY GOSH I JUST WANT TO-)

  2. When someone borrows a book from you and they fold the corners of a page when they can simply use a bookmark

  3. “people out there have it worse than you quit being worried”

  4. when someone assumes that all goths wear black or that they are depressed lmao

  5. Wet socks

  6. When some people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom

  7. When people mock your stuttering and think it’s funny

Jeez I have more but OOF


Ooooff I hate number uno to tres lmao and sinco


3 and 6 get to me sm. 3 is just like you’re probably making them worst and 6 you’re just nasty if you don’t wash your hands.


honestly. like sorry to break it to ya but just bc im from somewhere doesnt mean i can speak the language


It’s so gross like I don’t get why some think it’s ok