Your Pet Peeves?



When people take serious mental illnesses lightly.

Take this topic for example!



I agree with @QueenMilii

You should rename the topics and refrain from using mental illnesses lightly.
I have anxiety and OCD; trust me, they’re not cute.
Anxiety is more than feeling anxious about something you did and OCD is much more than “omg my artwork has a wonky line and it makes me ANGRY.”

Try this:
Anxiety is something that affects your daily activity. Imagine not even being able to communicate with someone because your body goes completely numb, your heart race quickens to the point where it hurts, and your mind is racing with negative thoughts.
OCD affects everything. Imagine going to work and forgetting to flip that light switch you flip everyday before leaving for work, you can’t work anymore, your mind is filling with worst case of scenarios, you can’t even function because of that damn switch. Imagine having an anxiety attack because you didn’t remember to unplug your power strip from your wall before you left and you’re head is full of images of your home catching on fire with all your animals or family members inside.


Please change your topics, thanks!


I agree, OCD is very awful and EXTREMELY difficult to live with. I think changing it to like major pet peeves would fit perfect for the topic! (As to not hurt anyone with the mental illness) :grin:


I agree, I mean there is ALOT of people with OCD. And like you said it’s not pretty. And @QueenMilii
I agree too, But yeah this should be renamed to “Pet Peeves”


I was just going to say this, actually. OCD can be a debilitating mental health concern. There are plenty of people who really struggle to have a normal life because of it and I have a lot of respect for people who manage to do amazing things with their lives despite a condition like that.

The problem is that a lot of mental health problems are being used as shorthand for cute ticks or pet peeves. They’re being reduced to nothing more than silliness by a lot of people. It’s really difficult for people to come forward and understand their issues when we stigmatise mental health like this.

I understand the mistake, but I genuinely do think it’s better to call them pet peeves, as you can’t just OCD from small peeves.


this is awkward but there’s already a thread for pet peeves :slight_smile:


sloooow sigh

@Sydney_H , close this thread please


Yh it’s by definition a disorder. Sadly I have had it since i was a kinder :expressionless:


I’m sorry but I’m confused on your last sentence if you were to type out what it means you would see the sentence would have to be rewritten


it doesnt have to be rewritten lol, shes saying you cant get “ocd” from some small pet peeves


she said

I understand the mistake, but I genuinely do think it’s better to call them pet peeves, as you can’t just OCD from small peeves.


and ? im not really sure what you’re trying to say, but she wrote it right :slight_smile:


the you just cant OCD part if she were to written it out it would say thos You cant just obsessive compulsive disorder from small peeves


ooooooooohhhhhh damn im not stupid :woman_facepalming:


Lol its fine


Lol yeah, small typo. You can’t get OCD from small pet peeves. Everyone has them!


@Sydney_H or @Jeremy please close this thread or combine it with the other one.


when ppl cant freaking accept LL, like stop acting like a child