Your Pet Peeves?



My pet peeve is when I’m telling the truth & people refuse to accept what I have to say. Then make up what they think is the truth as if it were fact. :angry:




Same here


ignorant people


and people who think that everything they say is right


Bump : )

I’ve mentioned it before in this thread and I’ll mention it again-I dislike it when people don’t say thank you after you’ve helped them :roll_eyes:

  • Overly sensitive people, like, they get offended over EVERYTHING.
  • People who think if you disagree on one thing with them you’re ‘racist’ or ‘homophobic’ or something.
  • When so called ‘friends’ always have something bad to say about you.


Soulmate :grinning:

+1 to what u said.

Some else

  • When people put their words into my mouth. If you want to know what I think or mean - ask me, don’t imagine.
  • Olives on pizza. Or anywhere else.


My God. This assault on olives.

@NELIDA is dying_violent


:DDD Fun fact. I mentioned that I hate olives 4 times on Forums. And I assure you - this is not the limit :DDD


:DDD FUN FACT! I’m going to jump off a cliff!! X’D



That’d piss me off, too, honestly ^^’


Finally you came to your senses ^^
For a moment I got afraid that I’m the only voice of reason here.


Olives are delicious, fam. Just not on pizza.

I like black olives…just…by themselves ^^’


Yikes. Black olives have the same effect on me as a large amount of alcohol on empty stomach. Just faster, and not so fun.


the first one is so trueeee i hate it when people walk slowly and I’m like um… can you move outta my way pleasee?
the fifth and sixth one also


when people just randomly stop in the middle of the hallway, keep walking or get out of the way.


My pet peeve is when people stare at me while I’m eating or comment on what I’m eating, it just makes me uncomfortable.


Also when people interrupt me while I’m daydreaming or assume I’m sad because I’m not smiling


I think there’s more on my Pet Peeves list:

  • When someone eats with their mouth open. Like okay, I can see the food that is on your plate. No need to open your mouth and show me what you’re eating. Such poor manners.

  • When the food is so oily that you’ll need kitchen towel to take off the excess oil i.e. samosas, pakoras, churros

  • When someone says that you look like a certain person you can’t stand because you know it’s an insult

  • When someone talks to me when I got music on

  • When someone tells me to “get over it” when I’m going through a really bad depression

  • When someone tells me to talk about something especially something that upsets me but I tell that person I really don’t want to talk about but keeps insisting

  • When someone tries to make me change my preferences in a man

  • When I paint my nails but goes messy when you need to scratch your head

  • When my eyeliner goes uneven

  • When someone lectures me on how I should schedule my work out at the gym

  • When Pick Me girls start throwing other girls under the bus for liking certain things that are girly

  • When someone asks me about my personal life. Just go away, please!

  • When no one washes their hands after covering their mouth from sneezing or coughing or touching anything gross