Your preferances!

Hey my fellow Episodians.
I started writing in 2018 but due to my job I left the community in 2020. A few months ago I started writing again and couldn’t help but notice some changes. I’m still trying to figure out how the things around here work now.
Therefor I have a few questions on your personal preferences when reading (or writing) a story. If someone would take time to help me out, I’d forever be grateful. :upside_down_face:
-Is there a certain genre you absolutely love or dislike? (for what reason?)
-Are there cliches you like or dislike? (which ones?)
-Would you rather read a story that mainly focuses on the romantic relationship of two (or more) characters or that only features romance as a subplot?
-How do you feel about supporting characters? Do you enjoy getting to know more about them (regardless if they are liked or disliked) or should their appearances be kept to a minimum?

-Do you prefer a confident or shy MC?
-Is it important to you, to get to know the love interest within the first scenes? (regardless what is recommended)
-Which personality traits do you like/dislike? (as for the main character and love interes?)
-MC’s and LI’s relationship:
slow-burn or fast paced?
enemies to lovers or love at first sight?
do you like the MC or the LI to make the first step? (in a romantic context)

-Would you rather have many choices or few impactful ones? (or both)
-How important are outfit choices on a scale from 1 to 10? (1 = not important at all)
-If you spend gems in community stories: On what kind of content do you usually use gems? (early access, bonus scenes, regular choices…)

-Your opinion on steamy scenes! (obviously as steamy as possible on this app)
-Narration: the less the better or enjoyable?

  • What are absolute pet peeves of yours?

Thank you so much for reading (and hopefully answering some questions :sweat_smile:) in advance, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m only going to answer few cause im lazy but everything is your choice just dont do mafia, we hate that😭 I like outfit choices but make sure it’s the tappable outfit ganme. And i prefer more choice rather than a few

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Write whatever you want! Surely someone will love it, just know certain subjects have been done before a lot so if you choose to do a story based in mafia or criminals just try to be unique as possible, come up with something episode hasn’t seen :relieved:


I prefer the fantasy genre, but I like action, drama too,
and I like a strong MC.
Never read mafia, it’s overdone, and I don’t like toxic relationships.
I’m not keen on slow burn that goes on 40 chapters without much development with mc and li.
But saying that, I don’t like them falling in love straight away either …
Basically, I like original concept storylines , well written characters , good grammar , good directing.
Few examples of stories I’ve really enjoyed are ,
The Jade Thief, Burning Waves, Mendicity, The Alternative.


Hey I like mafia :sob: but I do agree on the rest

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I’m a sucker for romance :star_struck: I don’t mind fast burn romances, but I’m more of a slow burn romance girl.

Classic bad boy falls in love with an unnoticed girl (this is getting wayy too old)

I don’t mind either one, but like I said I love romance. So I would probably read one that focuses on romance as the plot rather than a subplot.

I love additional add on characters (like bsf or sister), it lets me know what type of person the MC is since I can study their friends personality. I also love relatable characters!

I disagree sometimes it’s fun to not just focus on the main characters like a funny classmate in the story will never get old, also some side characters have more to them like they could be a main character it weren’t for the plot.

I like a confident girl who stands up for herself.

Yes, I don’t want to date some troubled wannabe badass kid who makes his past an excuse to treat people like shit

I like a loyal, honest, responsible main character and this goes for the love interest too.

Slow paced romances are my fav! :heart_eyes:

I don’t mind either though I would rather read enemies to lovers rather than love at first sight (just my opinion.)

The love interest of course! It makes me get second hand embarrassment when the MC tries to ask a boy on a date. (WHY IS THIS EVEN EXCEPTIONABLE?!)


7/10. As long as it’s not a bad directed plot then I’m okay with not picking my own outfits. (I don’t have gems to spend anyway.)

Romance, mystery, or a Sci-fi. I love mystery too if it has a cliffhanger then I have to read it! Especially if it’s something unique as the plot. I love Sci-fi superhero stories.

If it’s something not so sexual or with any nudity then I’m okay. I don’t want all the details :see_no_evil:

Bad grammar, poor directing, When it’s a good story but the LI is just annoying or a jerk :sob:

Sorry for the long post, I just had to answer everything. :heart:


I’ll try to answer all of your questions, let me know if you’d like me to answer any other questions! I’m happy to help. : )

  • Honestly, I enjoy any genre! I’m happy to read anything if it’s written well.
  • Some cliches I dislike are mafias, the mean girl, catty relationships between girls, and when love triangles with LIs that are imbalanced (one LI is super sweet and devoted to the MC, while the other LI is constantly rude and getting into fights). The only exceptions for cliches is when an author is parodying them.
  • I’m fine with both a romance plot and subplot! Where the issues tend to lie is when a story is wrongly categorized, when the plot doesn’t fit the genre. For example, a story that takes place is a fantasy world but focuses almost entirely on the romance shouldn’t be categorized as fantasy. What determines a story’s genre isn’t just a setting or time period, but the plot that occurs within the story.
  • I like when authors explore supporting characters! Of course, they shouldn’t take up more reading time than the main characters, but supporting characters are great insight into understanding other characters and the plot.
  • Both are equally important! What matters more to me is understanding why the MC is the way they are. (Also, I feel like people might be mixing shyness with being a pushover. A shy person might be weak at times, but not all shy people are doormats. Shyness is basically just being nervous, reserved, and/or timid around others.)
  • I’m fine with waiting a few chapters to learn about the LI, as long as it’s within the first 5 to 10 chapters. Any later and I might stop reading. (Of course, this also depends on how significant the romance plot is. If it’s a sub plot, I can wait longer, but if it’s a romance-heavy story it would be odd to wait so long to learn about the LI.)
  • Any traits are fine with me, as long as I can understand why the characters are the way they are. However, if I had to pick one or two traits I especially love, it’s being observant and clever. Far too many characters are oblivious to the things happening around them, leading to more trouble. I’d like to see characters that are smart enough to notice things and plan ways to tackle problems before they worsen.
  • The pacing of a romance should depend on things like how the MC and LI meet, how long they’ve known each other, and the types of things that might sway how they feel for each other. The actions MC and LI take should reflect their relationships and personalities. A shy person is less likely to take initiative, while a more outgoing or assertive person is more likely to take that next step.
    (I’d personally love to see more characters that take longer to fall for someone, and I’d also love to see more MCs take initiative.)
  • I might be of the minority in saying this, but I actually don’t mind having no choices in the story! If the author has a vision for their story and choices make it hard to execute, I’d much prefer they focus on writing the story they want to tell than trying to fit choices to please readers.
  • I sometimes like outfit options, but only if the outfits I can pick are present for longer. I’ve read some stories that prompt readers to pick an outfit, only for the outfit to only be present for a conversation or two. Put shortly, I like outfit choices when they’re used for long scenes, otherwise, the author is welcome to choose.
  • I usually spend gems on bonus scenes, some (not all) choices, and on points. I usually save my gems for stories I really love, otherwise I let fate decide what happens. I do want to mention the importance of knowing when to use gem choices and when to not use them.
    • Gem choices should be balanced with their prices. I should not be paying 20 to 30 gems just to say something, only for that dialogue to have no effect on the rest of the story. Gem choices work best for branching and special scenes, otherwise, please try to avoid using them.
    • Also, please use gem choices in moderation. 2 or 3 gem choices should be the maximum amount per chapter. (Not talking about support the author options!)
  • I don’t have much of an opinion on steamy scenes, but I do get uncomfortable if they take longer to read or are too detailed. Either give me the option to skip or post the scene elsewhere as a bonus.
  • I don’t really care for narrations, as they usually tell readers things that can be shown. However, they do have their uses. If an author can find the right places to add narrations, I’m happy to read them.
Pet Peeves
  • Bad grammar, pacing, directing, or writing. Please take the time to plan your story ahead in a writing app/software. Spellcheck, make several drafts, play test and beta test. I promise you, taking the time to check for and fix issues will pay off!
  • Wrongly categorized stories
  • Triggering or uncomfortable scenes that come out of nowhere that aren’t possible to skip.
  • Scenes that feel unearned (MC sharing a kiss with an LI, when they’ve barely spoken). Please take the time to build tension first, before the scene in question occurs.
  • Character traits that don’t fit the character’s upbringing or background. (
  • A very, very specific one, but I saw a comment that mentions this and I want to talk about it. Why do all the MCs with glasses undergo a makeover where they remove their glasses and they’re suddenly super attractive? I don’t think anyone is meaning harm when they write about this, but I can imagine it’s hurtful to readers that wear glasses, as a lot of these plot lines tend to act like glasses are unattractive, when that’s just not true.
  • Stories that end in a cliffhanger. I do have a few exceptions for this, such as when the author has planted some details that could help the reader come to their own conclusion, but otherwise, please wrap your story up! Most readers start stories with the expectation of a satisfying ending, and more often than not, open-ended stories aren’t satisfying to read. Cliffhanger endings can also feel cheap or as though the author wasn’t sure how to wrap everything up.

Of course, these are mostly just my opinions, and I want to emphasize the importance of writing what you know and enjoy. Speaking from experience, it’s incredibly important to go into writing (or any means of creation) with good motivations. You will give yourself major burnout if you’re not invested in what you’re doing. Write because you’re excited to tell a story. Write because you want to make readers feel different emotions, like joy or sadness. Write that first draft the way your want to write it; editing is for making your story more enjoyable for readers. Readers can tell whether or not you enjoyed writing your story, and that does affect whether or not they enjoy reading your story.

Creation is, first and foremost, a means of expressing who you are or what you’re feeling, and writing is no exception.

Plot Answers
  • Romance/Drama is my goto. I would love to read Mystery/Horror, but I usually read in the night–so I end up scaring myself lol.
  • I dislike when a female MC is overly obsessed with the male MC and the male MC barely shows he is as equally obsessed–or not at all.
  • I am romance lover, so I like romance to be featured–it doesn’t have to be the full main focus though.
  • I enjoy reading about SC’s stories to a certain extent–just as long as it doesn’t start to become a whole other story within the original (keep it short and sweet).
Character's Answers
  • Either or is fine, just don’t make the MC too confident to where they comes off as obnoxious or too shy to where they can’t speak up for themselves and they let everyone walk all over them. A neutral mix is perfect, but if the MC having those qualities stated above is apart of your plot and the MC becomes humble or gains confidence as the storyline progresses–go for it.
  • I don’t have much of an opinion on this. I feel as the story progresses the reader will learn more about both the MC and LI
  • I don’t dislike any personalities, it just depends on how you execute them (this question is kind of similar to the first one).
  • Both.
  • Both.
  • No preference.
Choices Answers
  • Either or–but I truly dislike losing points simply because I choose the wrong one (isn’t not receiving the points bad enough?)
  • I love outfit choices, but I believe they are not that important. CC though…kinda important, in my opinion.
  • Early Access, Support The Author, Outfit Choices (so long as you make the free outfits decent–not everyone has access to Gems), CC of a SC–NOT family member SC’s, those should already be set up to match the readers CC of the MC and SC (so like a best friend or something, or a side character who takes interest in the MC, but isn’t a LI). I tend to click out of community stories that have GEM options for regular choices…
Also Answers
  • LOVE them duh! But, you should add a disclaimer for readers on the younger side. They do not make or break you story though–they’re not a necessity.
  • 5 Narration bubbles MAX! You can add as many sentences to those bubbles as you want, but each sentence does not need to have its own bubble.
  • Poor grammar–yes that is controllable. Why? Because, there are so many free proofreaders on forums and instagram. All an author has to do is ask for help.
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Answered most, but not all. :blush: :blob_hearts:

A: I love Mystery… but cannot stand 99.9% of the stories under the Romance genre. The reasoning?! They’re almost near perfect clones of each other, from the storyline… to the way it’s written, to the way the characters look.

A: I prefer romance as a subplot, because I like stories to have more to it than just romance. Stories need an actual storyline in order to gain my interest.

A: Definitely confident, the shy ones are so annoying! :weary: :unamused:

A: Slow burn, but not the “I’m gonna make you wait for 40+ chapters till their first kiss” kind of slow. That just feels like the author is dragging it out for reads and to be honest that’s not what I call slow burn, it’s what I call annoying.

A: Enemies to Lovers all the way, but only when done correctly! And a toxic LI who bullies the MC is not it. [I don’t believe in love at first sight because in my opinion you can’t fall in love with someone at first sight. You can love how they look at first sight… but you can’t fall in love with them as a person, because: you don’t yet know anything about them nor their personality.]

A: I don’t mind either way… but I’m all for the MC making the first move, too! I mean… it’s 2024, women can ask men on dates! It’s not weird, or awkward… and why should men always have to make the first move?! I say that if a woman truly likes a guy, what’s stopping her from being the one to initiate things?!

A: I personally like choices that matter, but I also like having lots of choices… so a good mix of both would be the perfect level.

A: 8 - I have very specific taste in clothes, and this extends to my Episode character too! My character has to look good in the choices available and I have to like at least one of them, otherwise I can barely stand to look at the outfit. :rofl: :joy: [I live for fashion, and have been designing clothing since I was 10… so it’s definitely important to me.]

A: I never spend gems on bonus scenes, because I find them uninteresting. If I really like the story then I’ll spend gems for early access or skip the wait and this is the main place that I actually spend them. But occasionally [though very rarely] I may spend them on regular choices.

A: Hate them, because I’ve never read any that are well written [even steamy scenes in actual books are disappointing] but on Episode I find they’re just embarrassing and I simply fast tap through them.
I think the steamy scenes [and smut] should be saved for Patreon where you get the freedom to write it however you like. Not that I read those either, but it’s gotta be better than doing it on Episode.

A: I like narration, because in many cases it’s extremely necessary to give added context. Episode animations are very limited, so describing 7 out of 10 scenes is often the only way to explain what’s taking place.
And sometimes narration just adds to the whole experience, in the way that it reads more like a book and feels as if more effort was added into the writing process… but of course it only works when the story is well written.

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OMG! Thank you so much to each and everyone for answering. Especially for going that much into detail! :heart_eyes:
Getting to know your opinions is so interesting.

Also thank you for encouraging me to write from my heart and not something people would like. (Not like it’s possible to please everyone) :blush:
I’ve been planning a new story for months now and will start sorting out some ideas soon. As I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, it’s super helpful to compare preferences and also dislikes of other readers with my own. (Bc obviously I can only look at the story from my personal point of view)
Thank you again for taking your time to help me. :heart:

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@foreverrr_zaria Aaah I loved reading this!!! You really are the best for answering EVERYTHING :heart:. I feel like we’re on the same page here. There are way too many stories that feature toxic love interests.
Also I totally prefer a confident MC. Not being able to stand up for yourself (not even a bit) is really hard to witness imo… especially when you don’t match the personality. :sweat_smile: (not trying to judge anyone who prefers a shy MC)

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@rri_ahh Aah you absolutely are right about any kind of obsessions. I feel like it’s also a bit creepy if the LI is obsessed with the MC… like both ways are too much, ig. :sweat_smile:
Tbh I was mostly curious about personality traits as I’ve witnessed some readers preferring one or the other. As you said tho… both can be super likeable and you’re totally right in creating a nice mix of both.
Also I loved your opinion on choices. Totally helpful! TYSM for sharing it with me. :heart:

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@StoriesByRayna You’re so right about some romance stories. Many really have a lot of similarities. :sweat_smile: Totally get what you’re saying about the pace. Sometimes it can feel so weird when the relationship developes too quickly. (I personally need to be a little invested at least) Yet dragged stories are just boring. :face_exhaling:
I can feel the struggle concerning outfit choices. What kind of style do you like? (just out of curiousity - please don’t feel pressured to answer)


I’ve been a fan of Burning Waves from the first day. It’s such a great story. :heart_eyes:

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@aromaticcerise What a detailed reply. Thank you lots for it. I absolutely agree with you when it comes to supporting characters. Especially when getting to know more about them leads to additional knowledge on the MC or plot itself.
I’m totally on your side when it comes to gem choices. I personally would rather choose myself if I want to use gems rather than being forced to do so (bc you get the bad ending otherwise)
Your entire answer is thought out so well and I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you again for taking the time. :heart:


Clothing that I choose to wear myself include high fashion pieces that are also more casual for day to day kind of wear. When it comes to my everyday wardrobe: I hate wearing bright colours… I prefer to wear: Black, White, Khaki Green, Camo Print, Grey, or Champagne coloured clothing. The only exception to those colours is jeans, in which all different shades of blue work… but not the Indigo or Vintage Wash colours, I don’t like those.
I prefer more figure hugging clothes, for both comfort and style reasons… baggy clothing doesn’t do it for me.

But I’m definitely more of a perfectionist when it comes to shoes, because I believe that your choice of footwear can either make or break an outfit. :ok_hand:t3: :blob_hearts:

Hey! Hope these helps!

Mystery, Horror are my totally no go. I have never liked scary things.

Male alpha and nice, scared female or bada*s assassin. I hate those dominant males with “I don’t like to share what’s mine.” And female leads that are “The best in their field” and male being “The most feared in the world.”

Subplot, definitely. Life is no romance and there are at least 100 more interesting things than bed scenes and weddings.

Don’t really understand this one, but in Episode appearances makes difference, in real life not. What’s inside of that person is more important. I would like a character even with a huge nose if he or she was kind.

Something in the middle because too confident is not realistic and too shy is practically the “mafia genre” type that I don’t like.

Nope, gimme at least 4-5 episodes or even more if it’s a slow burn.

Over shy or over confident female lead, angry, with anger issues male lead, practically all mafia type leads.

It depends. I love fast burn, but slow burn only if it’s correctly written and is still interesting.

ENEMIES TO LOVERS!!! My absolute fav trope.

It depends of what gender they are. I love when girls make the first step not boys.


10, because I like the interactivity and buying outfits to support the author is great!

Definitely bonus scenes, and outfits. I hate art scenes that are locked with gems, early access, skip the wait.

I love when it’s showed with art scene, but as Episode is PG-13, then these scenes you can’t really call steamy.

Please, please less narrators. I’m dying here because if the whole story is from them, I’m leaving it for good.

  1. The author intro with author’s character
  2. Sloooooowwww zooms or transitions
  3. Too many support the author (like till 38 gems or so)
  4. CCing the WHOLE family for MC and LI just because the author didn’t want to use becomes command or didn’t want to edit the template.

There are probably a lot more things I could tell, but I’m tired of writing so this will have to do. : )


You’re welcome, glad I could help :blush:🩷

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Of course! Again, I’m happy to help, so it’s great to see that my reply has helped. : )
Good luck and happy writing!

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A few impactful ones.

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