Your shelf: what would you like to see?


WARNING: this is a NO DRAMA post. I don’t want to read hate comments about the previous shelfs, simply because I HATE DRAMA.

Okay :blush:
I was thinking: is there a shelf you would like to see in the future? Or an old theme that you want to see again?

What are your thoughts? I’m curious!


Sci-fi and horror


Spy shelf or something on those lines


Some story suggestions about these themes?


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’d love to see a shelf with a variety of stories set in different countries (preferably written by someone living in that country for maximum accuracy).


.But its quite difficult for me to write a story about my own place where I live…
As there aren’t clothes that will be accurate for that…


That sucks :persevere:
There’s probably quite a lot of places in the world where you’d run into the same problem.


Specially Indian clothes…(Wedding ones)…


I’d love to see the shelf themes be a bit more specific. I feel like most topics are kinda vague and open for interpretation, but then I don’t always see why a certain story fits the shelf. Plus, they’re getting a bit repetitive. Does anyone else notice that?




I would love that too!! Maybe more shelfs like: an Europe one, an Australian one, etc!


Me! They should be more specific. Also because they can make a lot of good shelfs.
I would personally like too see shelfs about prevention or sensibilization on themes that are not very known!


Did they do a time travel shelf? If not, I’d like to see it. Also maybe a sci fi shelf and a shelf with reads under 2000.


I’d love to see more horror stories and mysteries. Sci-fi would be awesome too.


I’d love that kind of shelf! It would be amazing if each story were set in a different country.


I don’t know if they did it, but it would be awesome :heart_eyes:


I’d love a full romance focused shelf. :slight_smile:


Thank you.



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