Your suggesion needed

Hi guys
Just wanted to ask On which of these look the best
And one more thing
Can any of you guys add some text in your suggested picture and edit it
the first one:

second one:

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It depends on the story, I think

did you make them?

if not do you have permission to use them?

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Well it depends if you have permission from the artist to use them, you can’t steal them :upside_down_face: But if you have permission from the artist and you give them credit, I would say the first one :blush:

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I do have permission so don’t worry


Okay that’s good, but the second one has watermarks on it. So if you are to use it, you would have to make sure the artist removes it :blush:

Can anyone edit the first cover
If you want to then text me on instagram yafiah_episode

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You want text on your image, correct?


I can do that!

Okay you can text me on insta

I did!

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