Your Thoughts - Falling for the Dolan Twins




I wanted to know your thoughts about the story falling for the dolan twins. Do you like the story? What do you like about it?


its weird. i never finished the story. Its creepy how people have feelings, wanna kiss and fall in love 2 seconds into the story lol The twins are way too obsessed with the mc way too soon. idk if Episode thinks this type of bs is every girls dream but they need to cut it out :joy::joy::joy: They need to focus on hiring better writers. Their content isnt what it used to be. Its all generic cliche junk with no type of character development now. im not impressed. I know the real Dolan brothers had to be creeped out by this story.


They reacted to it. :joy:


lmao oh yeahhh i saw that video.


It was decent until it started to be a romance not a comedy anymore. It was only love and kisses and “i will do everything for you” kind of bullshit…


LOL :joy:




Honestly I didn’t like either twin. loll :joy:


xD :joy:


I enjoyed Dolan Twins. Nice blend of Comedy and Romance. :grin:


I think I stoped reading it on about the second episode because I was creeped out by how fast they fell in love. They started kissing in the FIRST EPISODE FOR GOODNESS SAKE


No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, I started reading for shits and giggles. There are lots of giggles to be had (not exactly for the intended reasons), but even I boned out I think at the chapter where the ex-bestfriend is trying to “steal the twins” at the dance. I didn’t find it funny or clever or romantic in and of itself but if you read it from a satirical prospective it can be entertaining. I mean come on, a story capitalizing on barely legal Youtube teen bate that also tries to clumsily shoe horn in an anti-bulling but also bully forgiveness message to distract from it’s shallow piss poor plot, kinda hilarious if you ask me.


Hi. I love falling for the Dolan Twins! Will it be more episodes?


Yes, I believe so!:smile:


That’s great!!! I can’t wait to see


It’s amazing but I need 2 more diamonds so I can make a perfect appirence



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