Your thoughts on Art Scenes?

Bc I don’t see this topic being debated a lot, I was wondering what do u guys think about Art Scenes in stories ?

In my case, I think not a lot of people will relate to this but, I’m not really a fan of art scenes.


First of all, 99% of the time my characters look NOTHING alike the art scene (for this point I think ppl that make their MC & LI poc, like me, can relate bc most of the time, lets be real; the MC & LI are white :skull: ) and bc of that I feel like im staring at strangers so I find it weird.

But at the same time I HATE limited CC (I think its bc most of the time the limited CC blocks me from doing a POC character), so I wouldnt blame an author for including art scenes

And also, even if the art scene fits my characters, i find it a weird. Like, bc it is not moving like the animations when we play, and doesnt fit the artstyle of limelight its not “realistic” for me, therefore I cannot fully immerse into the art scene.


I would say the only great thing of art scenes for me, is that it prouves that the author is really committed to their story.

And u ? Let me know ur opinion below :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles:


I love art scenes, I mean yeah I might not look like the character but I still think it looks pretty cool and it shows things that the character couldn’t show/do otherwise. I think it really helps to move the story along and I make sure to add it. The only con is sometimes authors make them take wayyyy to long and thats really annoying


Personally I like art scenes to me you can see what the author really meant because episode animations limits things. I don’t like when I customize and they don’t match and how sometimes they are like a minute to two minutes long.


Well I’ve read plenty of stories without art scenes that are just as good as those with them
I usually make my avatar look like me even if there are art scenes, so… idk :neutral_face:

im wayyy off topic rnt I


As an artist, I think art scenes are beautiful. There’s a lot of time and energy put into these pieces and you can really tell with the little details.

As a reader? Well, I’d be better off. Like you, I tend to make my MCs / LIs black because otherwise, there’s usually little to none other black characters and I hate how they feel like they stand out and it feels out of place. I also don’t care to spend two to five minutes reading about Julia/Stephanie/Amber/Dakota and Cole/Hayden/Blake/Kade snogging each other’s faces and how they looove each other so much. That deep into the story, we don’t need it explained to us word by word like we’re toddlers.


I’m very vocal about my dislike for art scenes tbh.
Now, don’t get it twisted: I love art, I collect digital pieces in my free time, so my dislike doesn’t lie with the actual art; It lies with the awkward nature of the scene itself.

It’s also been mentioned above that usually if you allow CC, the scene looks nothing like your character. I think if you don’t wanna allow CC, art scenes are a bit more ideal and better suited than if you allow CC.


I love art scenes but i understand your cons. I recently tried to think of an idea where i paint the art scene skin in grayscale and then change the color using sliders and easily have 4 different versions of the mc. And the readers could choose between light , very pale, medium and dark skin tones and it shows the art scene where the skin is a different color. Although i feel like it would bust


I do not like art scenes. While they are beautiful, I don’t want to read useless narration about the LI’s eyes for five minutes


I don’t know. I’m kind of on the fence about this. On one hand, I love that you kind of get to fully immerse yourself in the story with a more realistic art scene, but on the other hand, I’d prefer that the art looks like my customized MC and/or LI and the art doesn’t always completely capture all the feelings at the moment. It’s a hard decision.


The art scenes look nice, but I agree with everyone here for the most part.

I dislike that authors allows full CC but has art scenes in the story. Like if I can’t have my poc characters in the art scenes, then why have CC as an option?? :woman_shrugging:t5:

And the second thing of course, is the length, like we get it… Your hands are all over his body, all the caressing and smooching. The picture let’s me see all of that, no need for a drawn out description. That takes 5 minutes to go through. That’s why I tap super fast when it gets into that, because it’s just too much.


Personally, I find art scenes cool if they look great and they’re used for an important moment in the story + don’t use too many lines and time. They lose their effect for me if they’re for insignificant scenes, if they’re often, if the art isn’t to a certain standard or if it’s dragged on for too long, particularly when the zooms are really slow.


Goodness! I hate the slow zooms and pans just to show every corner of the scene with their long description lol


Art scenes are pretty cool in my opinion, for me it really makes you feel what is going on the scene since episode animations are not sufficient! I could understand your cons but for me art scenes are pretty good and I always look for art scenes in a story!

I honestly love art sscenes, while I completely understand your perspective on how the character in the art scene does not look anything compared to your character, I would recommend for authors to give some limited CC so readers can still have a sense of their character in the art scene. I would say another pro and possibly the only other one, is that authors can describe and show a more complex pose that is not in episode on the art piece.


Ugh tell me about it! :joy: All I wanna do is see what happens next! Being stuck in the seemingly endless, slow zooms kills me.


Just tap on through as fast as you can lol

like, we get it, theyre kissing and love each others, can we move on now?:skull:


imo, i prefer that the author includes no art scene and full CC, rather than limited CC and art scene
like, i dont find that necessary to limit the story JUST for some art scenes that wouldnt make the plot better


Art scenes? :nauseated_face: Please, throw them away. I absolutely hate the experience art scenes give me overall.

I feel like I get whiplash from the sudden change in art styles. It throws me out of the immersion, it’s so jarring to me lol

I understand why people love them tho. Sometimes the art scenes are wonderfully done and look aesthetically pleasing.


exactly!!! bc its totally different its not as pleasing so id rather having none in the story

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