Your Thoughts on: Demi Lovato: Path to Fame (Episode Original Story)

One of the first stories I’ve read while playing was the Episode Original Story: Demi Lovato: Path to Fame Season 1. As a fan of Demi, I thought it was some semi-autobiographical version of a major childhood icon’s life, something along the lines of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. But no, it’s not about her at all. Demi’s just a side character to help drive the plot, and you are the focus of the story. What a disappointment for me. Who here has read it? What did you guys think of it?

I’m sorry that you were disappointed in the story, I rather liked the storyline and thought Demi’s character lent a lot of encouraging thoughts throughout it. Episode Originals tend to disappoint me but I digress.

However I can see why you were surprised as a new reader? I’m assuming? But all the celebrity driven/based stories will have YOU as a character instead of them – maddening I know; but there are a lot of community stories that are great and I def recommend checking out a few “promote your story” threads here-- you can find some real hidden gems there that haven’t quite made it to “trending”.

Another bit of advice would be don’t judge a story too harshly in the Community Stories based on # of reads, I personally know of some great stories that’ve been out for awhile that don’t have nearly the reads they deserve lol

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omg I remember that story being super popular years ago. I can honestly only remember bits of it but I think I liked it

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Same, I remember bits but I remember also being like “oh, it’s not about her” but I,if I remember correctly, that I liked it. lol

I liked the first two ones but Trey just totally ruined the last one for me. Total wanker