Your thoughts- PITCH PERFECT


I’ve been reading pitch perfect and on (I believe) episode 29 we’re allowed to be with both love interests and I find that disturbing lol anyways, have you read pitch perfect deep treble? if so, what’s your opinion on it? do you like the art? etc


I think the art and custom made backgrounds/ animations are cool, I just think it’s your typical episode cliche. I definitely enjoyed reading it, but episode needs to stop getting ideas from existing movies/people and start thinking up their own unique plots.


Agreed. The only reason I read it was because the art looked AMAZING!!! l


True the art is INCREDIBLE and you can tell how much work was put into it


Yep, kinda wish they would implement different body types to authors instead of just episode stories that they’ve made.




I read the beginning because I love the movies but the story was bad and didn’t make any sense.
Not speaking about they completely ruined the characters from the movies and also the make MC was only mentioned once, and he was a really important character in the movie.
also, people who didn’t watch both of the movies wouldn’t understand so much in the Episode version…

And ended up with both of the love interests?? That’s kinda messed up…


Yes! tbh i choose both love interests in hopes thaat maybe i would have to re pick amongst them both again but nope, i was totally wrong… I was disgusted when i seen my character kiss both dudes and then say that because its the 21st century it should be “accepted” it wasnt realistic IMO


That’s… just wrong…
Yeah, no way I’m continuing after episode 10 (first release)


I straight up hated Pitch Perfect. I only read it Bc they made it pass free and I wanted the diamonds, but it was a struggle. There literally like no choices that weren’t diamond choices. Like, in understand they need diamonds to make money or whatever, but every single choice was diamonds, so it didn’t even really feel interactive at all, and was just really annoying. The fact that they dragged out the love interest choice for so long was super annoying, Bc I knew who I wanted from the beginning and honestly I thought the treble guy was super annoying and I wanted to yell at him more than romance him (like the fact that we never got to confront him for stealing our song at the prison and getting us kicked out of the bellas drove me crazy). And god, the characterization of all the movie characters was so bad. I loved them in the movie, but in the story they were all the most annoying, one dimensional characters. Also, breaking Becca and Skylar up only to pair her with a random Treble when Chloe was right there? Okay, sure. I stopped reading after the treble arc was over, because I couldn’t take any more, even for the diamonds.


I remember I was on chapter 21 and I was using my passes next thing I know it says “Pass free” so I was just thinking, “Wow, so I wasted 21 passes for nothing?” then next thing I know they required passes again :expressionless:. I never watched the actual movie but yeah i totally regret wasting my passes. lol


I hated it. And tf was Aubry doing there?!?! She literally left after the first movie but Emily was there even though she was only in the second movie. They mixed them all it doesn’t make sense, not only that, in the second movie, everybody except Emily graduated, and that was like a year later.

They completely destroyed my beloved Pitch Perfect characters…
And the characters they did choose to make Episode versions out of felt kinda like a racist choice…

There was an asian girl, a black gay one and a latino one they just forgot?


Ugh exactly @ them not including basically any of the characters of color (or the lesbian character). #dissappointedbutnotsurprised


And there was that Gail character, she wasn’t like that in the movie at all!
It actually pissed me off that they made her so damn shallow…

And those few scenes taken from the movie, like the shower in episode 3 I think it looked really similar to a scene in the first movie except that one was actually funny when Chloe barged into Beca’s shower after she heard her singing and that was also not sexual like they made it when the MC just barged into some random guy shower and if you had gems, she kissed him wtf?! Who does that??


I honestly thought that choice was a joke :unamused:. Like, I thought if I chose that it would have made me choose again.
If it was the other way around (a guy with two female love interests including the MC) people would be furious!


Not even furious ; no person would EVER tolerate that! ok, maybe SOME people would but it’s not realistic at all. Like seriously what guy would allow their girlfriend to have another boyfriend? :joy::joy: it seems like they wanted it to end so they just offered that .


omg I thought I was the only one who noticed that… I think I saw previous of pitch perfect movie & wasn’t there diverse singers? like I was confused…


That would be a great joke!
As an actual choice… Not so much.


Yeah, there were a bunch.

The only character that they included from those was Emily (played by a latino actress), but that was barely anything…


at this point, I feel like they’re doing this purposely.