Your thoughts - the baby project


I like how the story is different like the settings & the plot but it’s still your typical cliché story. Like my character barely knows Jonah and they’re already “in love” ?

I don’t understand how you can force someone to date you bc that’s pretty much what my character is doing. Jonah OBVIOUSLY doesn’t want to date anyone and it’s like my character is pushing for it to happen. idk I just am getting annoyed at this point. All they’ve done was argue , like 90% of their one they’re in some disagreement. That’s not healthy and I feel like episode is promoting unhealthy relationships. Anyways that’s my thoughts. What are your thoughts/opinions on this story

Discussion: The Baby Project

Honestly, outta no where Jonah comes and MC and him are already dating.



Discussion: The Baby Project

Not waisting anymore passes or gems on this story. :roll_eyes:




me either. i’m gonna continue chapter 8 to get my gem but at this point i’m completely done


I started reading this yesterday and I completely agree with you. The character development is seriously lacking. Again, we have a half-assed love triangle where neither love interest has any more personality than a piece of cardboard. The MC and the bad boy immediately fall in love. There’s zero chemistry yet the MC is practically throwing herself on Jonah.


yep and the 2nd love interest just disappeared into thin air, like he’s completely out of the picture.


The original story on Wattpad was pure gold. It’s one of my favorite stories. But the new remake? Not going to lie, it did not do the novel justice. I’m disappointed.


wait so this isn’t their actual story? :woman_facepalming:t5:


Episode buy a lot of stories from Wattpad. They credit the author where the description is (Bree Stonefield). I haven’t read it but after a quick Wattpad search of the author, I think the book is “Accidentally on Purpose”


Jonah wants to be with MC but he tries to push MC away because of his secret past (which you learn about in chapter 9) and he doesn’t want to hurt the MC. They have a lot of moments where they connect and flirt with each other, but every time MC mentions her past and how she wants to forget her horrible accident, Jonah starts pushing her away again by starting an argument. He wants to be with her but he can’t because of his secret.


I don’t think it’s that bad for a official episode story, but I just hate how you don’t really have a choice.

Don’t ask me who I want as a partner, if I’m going to end up with the same person either way. If you really give me a choice, then follow through and do the branching for the choice I made, dammit!

Isn’t it said in one of the guides for writing your own story that you shouldn’t ignore a choice? I just feel like when there’s a choice, you have to follow through with both paths and I’m not getting that from this story


Okay I made an account just to talk about this story. I am so frustrated! I really hate the insta love between the MC and J. I liked Spencer better and the way he was written off was so strange. I also feel like your choices really don’t matter in this story because the game just pushes you towards J anyway and there is 0 chemistry. I’ve wasted so many gems on this :slightly_frowning_face: I feel like in so many of the official episode stories your choices really don’t matter and yet I keep getting sucked into using gems because I’m like this story will be different. I just want one story without insta love and maybe the MC can even choose to be single radical I know


i learned the story won’t usually be different, tbh I think all they do is add in extra bonus scenes and a little better dialogue to make it seem like your choices really matter even tho it doesnt


Yeah, the baby project seems a little a WAY too rushed


Yeah :frowning: I’ve been playing for a while now and honestly the stories are starting to blend together. Plus in so many of them it doesn’t seem to matter what you want. The game has a set way that is is going to go no matter what


Yeag, my story is kinda like that, but when I put choices they DO matter un like these authors who make them when NOT important


Like, if it doesn’t mater at ALL, why are you wasting GREAT time to make MATTERED choices??


I think Episode has figured out the perfect formula to keep their average (young teenaged) reader tapping on to the next episode and the perfect way to get them to spend gems.

Unfortunately, it involves the story moving at a ridiculously fast and unnatural pace and a new cliffhanger at the end of every episode. Not to mention the only choices that (seem to) matter are the gem choices, and even then you automatically know which is good and which is bad.
So I imagine these stories are great for their revenue, but they’re basically flushing literary value and artistic integrity down the drain. They all read the same anyway.