Your views on my new outline?


Hi guys,

Just wondering what your views are on this outline!

It isn’t currently finished as I still need to add clothes.

But the plan is to fully colour as new cover art for my story.

I may decide at a later date to do an outline contest but for now please don’t use.

You will need to read the Art Disclaimer before being able to view the outline.

Art Disclaimer

As this outline will be for my story, please don’t redesign, trace or remove watermarks for your own art as I have literally been working on this all day and I have the step by step process to prove the art is mine.


Thank you! :heart:


That’s amazing!


Thank you :slight_smile: i just cant wait to get it finished!


Dayyymm that’s pretty good I know you’re gonna add clothes but the guy’s leg on the bottom is kinda awkward lol.


You should totally do a contest. I bet a lot of people would enter.


You mean on the left? Thats her other leg.


True, it’s either the woman missing one leg or the man losing one leg (or is it the man’s leg with the woman’s left leg wrapped around the man’s leg) but other than that it’s really good!


So he is at sort of a side on angle, she has her left leg down ans her right leg wrapped on him :slight_smile:


That is really good


A M A Z I N G - literally amazing


Wait until you see the finished piece guys!!


Oh yeah, that’s what I assumed, my bad.
It’s beautiful.


Thank you :slight_smile: it will make more sense when its finished. Ive finished him completely just need to colour her now!




How did ya come out with the Outline Pose?


I have an app on my phone where you have like a manequin that you can move all the limbs to make poses :slight_smile:




Its super useful!


Easy poser?


No it’s called ArtPose but you have to pay like £2 for it.