YourMain’s Art Shop

Hey, I wanted to make an Art Shop because I love to help people with custom poses and cover pages. I mostly do Ink but I’ve done LL before,

Please take into consideration that I have a life in the real world :joy: so it might take some time to do your requests
•please be respectful
•only request for something if you know want my work (don’t ask someone else while asking me)
•Please promote other threads
•please respect the fact that I’m not an expert

• If you want a cover page please state
How many characters?
1.Can I use any outfit or do you have a request one?
2.Character Details
3.What poses or actions you want
5.And the lay out of the cover page
•Custom poses

1.What pose you want
2. If it’s just two animations combined please tell me which of the animations those are
3.Character Details
4.Custom outfit or random
Same as the two before



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Hi, I’ve been looking everywhere for someone who could do an art scene for me… my story is ink and I need a scene of a character pinning another against the wall, would you be able to do that? :slight_smile:

yeah sure just give me the character details

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Okay thank you so much!! I would need it of a male character pinning the female up against the wall, the girl would have an afraid yet annoyed look on her face and the male would have a devilish mean look on his. Here are the details…

Here is the background I would like (if this scene could maybe take place against one of the wall sections or doors that would be great)
Here would be the outfits
Thank you so much!!

ill get back to you soon with the art work xx

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Thank you <3

Here you go xx

If you need me to make any changes just contact me on insta!

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thank you so so much :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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I love it

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thank you xx always happy to help

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Here’s my work

hi i am requesting a custom pose


i hope you get my idea of pose

character deets

Character 1:
Body :female generic
Skin tone :neutral 0
Hair :long straight sideswept bangs -jet black
Eyes :generic aqua blue
Eye brow :deep brown
Nose :defined neutral
Face shape :soft heart
Mouth :small heart hot pink

Character 2:
Body :male athletic
Skin tone :neutral 0
Hair :slided back -jet black
Eyes :generic -aqua blue
Eye brow :round thi deep brown
Nose :straight pointed
Face shape :soft diamond
Mouth :medium straight natural ,Beige rose

outfit : random one for both

do u still need it?

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yaa i need one but for a different pose