YouTube Channel 😐

So, let’s say I would make a YouTube channel. What videos would u like to see, it can be completely far from episode, it legit can be anything. I would recommend not showing meh face cause I’m ugly and insecure af, but I would y’all probably. Just give me ideas on some videos. From gaming, to episode, to story time and whatnot.

Lol I’d love to hear all of your ideas.

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If you know how to put on nail polish, maybe you can make a tutorial on it. I don’t know how to put on nail polish but I’d love to learn and I would watch that :blush:


Honestly, I’m insecure of basically everybody part I have and especially my nails, also I don’t tbh. I would love to learn, too. :joy::joy:

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Maybe math videos? :sweat_smile:

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Mine basically consists of random shit… Which reminds me that my phone is full of crap that I maybe could upload there.

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Lmao not really in that section lmao

So anything u don’t have space for us in your YouTube channel. Makes sense, but nahh

I might have random stuff but like—

fOoD or sToRyTiMeS. :sunglasses:

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Yess… maybe not food since I’m not gonna show my face. cri.

But I was thinking about story times

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Like I mean basic math, so teaching math to kids :sunny:

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Bahaha faq yess

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