Youtube Rewind 2019

Youtube Rewind…

It’s the moment we all wait for at the end of the year cause our lazy asses are all sat on our phones and computers all day.

It has just been released.

Like-Dislike Ratio is awful.

I’m disappointed.

If your not ask yourself why?

It’s just a watchmojo video. no famous celeb, no creativity.

The best part was when they said that youtube 2018 was the most disliked video cause we all know that’s gonna change.


I liked the begging where they address that YouTube rewind 2018 has the most dislikes in YouTube history lmao.
I mean there is nothing interesting to say, it just felt bland and boring. I honestly felt like I watched a watchmojo. It seems as if they didn’t put any effort into it and no creativity.
There has been a lot of iconic moments and none of them were even shown smh.


It was horrible.


Lol, I get why some viewers said that it was half-ass effort for a rewind, compiling the videos and call it a day. I’m glad they put Felix on yt rewind, but I still disliked the video because of the content it delivered (and for the meme purposes as well). It wasn’t grand and it wasn’t creative at all.

These memes made sense after I watched the rewind. Kudos to those made the memes!


Super disappointed >:T

It’s legit like how you forget you have homework due in tomorrow so you put some random stuff together and hope for the best :expressionless:

I’m glad they added Pewdiepie in tho, and Mr Beast!
But I think youtube got the wrong message.
Like, they still didn’t listen to the audience. They just shoved it in our faces that we made these videos the most liked videos, BRUH WE DON’T CARE

Who pays attention to that anyway? Hell even rewind 2018 was more interesting than that.


frrrrrrr omg


I was expecting something as cringy and awful as it was last year, but this year it was so boring without creativity. Only good thind was Pewds finally being in the rewind, tho only just for a few second.

Also I’m just loving the amout of dislikes it got on such a small amout of time.


I feel like 2018 was the year where they tried too hard while in 2019 they didn’t try at all.
It wasn’t that bad but it was just a hyped top 10 list, it was so boring I couldn’t even finish it. They tried to play it safe but they didn’t succeed, I would’ve rather had a cringy rewind like last year’s just to have some good memes out of it.
We thought that they couldn’t mess up more than last year and they prove us wrong, can’t wait to see how worse next year’s rewind will be.

This is what happens when boomers try to act cool and relate to others, it just doesn’t work. They seriously need to look more into today’s trends or at least have someone of this generation to suggest them


when we getting alien rewind 2020


bruh watch youtube get shut down or some shit.

I just thought about that…all the jobs that would be lost omfgggg these people needs to start studying in school and get a degree in case youtube falls out…


Lmao yes


youtube already dying so we won’t make it in 2020

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