Youtubers looking at the wrong sides of episode

It was bound to happen. Youtubers out there, the ones who want to get views to make their money/living, find things that are common/popular/media based/mainstream in order to get the views.

Well I found two so far about APP ADS RECENTLY posted and yup. Episode made the cut.

It bothers me seeing this. We can’t do anything about the path Episode is taking. This amazing, creative, talented and passionate community will be always identified as something it is not.

Skip to 9:22 for Episode

I’m aware that the second video is mostly about the ads, but the way this guy sees it…Episode is weird with weird stories.

Side note: Has anyone ever seen that adterisement? Lmao, it’s hilarious and I can’t believe that it’s actually real. Is it real?! Please tell me it was an April fools joke or something…


well, it is episodes own fault for making these ads. and forcing people to read 19 chapters where you have to pay diamonds to really play


Lol… I mean…? Where’s the lie though? They’re right about Episode LOL!!


I agree with this, some of those ads are edited. Makes me wonder how people can’t understand it by font…

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I mean…they’re kind of right but that’s because he’s not looking at creator stories just featured ones. And yes, the ads are pretty disturbing


sings that why the f you lying song


they’re right tho

The fact that all of this is true in terms of the EXTERIOR of Episode is a shame. This will drive away other people, and they’ll never be able to see just how greater the deeper parts of Episode is. Perhaps there are writers out there that want to find an outlet for it but are turned off by Episode/Choices/etc because of the exterior.

We’re basically losing the chance of growing as a community because of this. Not only that, people will always have the wrong idea and to me that’s really disappointing. I don’t know how many people I had to convince that Episode isn’t actually ‘soft core porn for 13 year olds’

Because to me, Episode is not what’s presented out on the homepage.

Agh,… c’est le vie.


Thanks for seeing my point!

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I saw the first guy’s video before and then I watched Yammy play the entirety of The K*ss List. It’s the BEST GAME ON EPISODE, in my opinion, but you’ll only enjoy it if you’ve got the gems.

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Episode is weird with weird stories.
And it’s all on Episode for advertising those questionable ads lol


Lol I love Matt’s videos!! Hes a funny guy, don’t take to heart what he say

honestly its is episodes fault, before I actually started liking the app I started playing because of the ads but after playing you learn that you need gems and to be far in the story to make ‘giant’ changes. so if your only playing for the choices your gonna have to wait . some stories dont even have choices and tbh that really isn’t a problem for me anymore.


I love Matt, too! Subscribed to him last summer :slight_smile:

It’s not that I’m taking to heart or misunderstanding what he’s doing, it’s just the situation that bothers me. Episode really messed itself up big time and they’ve only got themselves to blame if we get a lot of hatred/weird looks from people (I mean, we kind of already do).


I wish he pick Love Life and not TKL /:

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Or College-ish. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve hear it’s really good.

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